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Rogers has decided to extend the current pricing plan for another month and will make it available to owners of all devices.

A new pricing model will kick in beginning Oct. 1, balancing consumer concerns and actual usage patterns, Ms. Hamilton said.

A monthly fee of $30 will buy 1 GB of data instead of 6GB. A cheaper package of $25 will give 500 megabytes, filling the needs of most customers based on early consumption trends, she said.

Other plans include $50 for 2GB, $60 for 3GB and $80 for 8GB.
Even though I jumped on the 6gb/$30, I was hoping to see a cheaper data plan somewhere down the line. $30 for 1gb? $25 for 500mb??? Come on, wonder users are only using < 10% of their data...they all bought the 6gb plan when they could have gotten by with 1gb or less (I know I could have). I would have loved to see $10-15 for 1gb.

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