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Can't get 3416 recognized on PC

i'm trying to hook up a 3416 to my PC so i could free up some space on my pvr.

i used the driver for motorola 6412 because i couldn't find one for the 3416, and because i read somewhere here that the driver should still work.

i followed the installation steps. at the step where i was supposed to uncheck "show only compatible devices" and select the 6412, i had to check it and select just the generic "tuner AV/C device", because if i uncheck it i get nothing in the list. i guess it makes sense since i don't really have a 6412

what i have now in device manager is "Tuner AV/C Device" under "imaging devices", and the icon has a yellow "!"

i started CapDVHS just to see if it would work. it gave me the error message "cannot find capture device".

this is my first time trying to hook up my pvr to my computer. is there a way to get the 3416 recognized? have i done anything wrong? thanks for any help

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