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After a month with the IPhone, I must say it's slightly overratted.

The reception is horrible compared to my old Telus phone. Syncing and Mobile Me is currently a disaster. I'm paying way to much per month. I was in the states on the weekend (Michigan, no roaming, all local calls) and no carrier was found. I changed it to manual and picked up at+t and the reception was less than acceptable.

I almost, (almost being relative) regret picking up this phone. Anyone have $400 bucks so I can cancel my contract!? Just kidding but if things don't improve, I might sell the phone to cover the cancellation fees and go back to telus with my cappy motorola i80 which never failed me.

When I get my first bill, I'll think about it. Anyone else down on this phone (p.s. I'm an apple junkie, buy a new system every few months (Imac and macbook combo) for the past few years.

Not to be a hater but I'm not all too impressed.
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