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Gradual signal loss on 3100 and 9200 w/ DPP


I have a DPP setup with 2 coax cables entering the house from the dish. On one cable I have a 3100 receiver connected, on the other I use the DPP splitter to split the single coax into two coaxes that connect to my 9200 HD PVR (dual tuner). This setup has been working perfectly for about 3 years.

In the last few months I've started to lose channels / transponders on the 3100. Doing a switch test showed that all the odd numbered transponders were not working, but the even ones were fine. The 9200 continued to work fine, including the same channels that were failing to lock on the 3100.

As a test I switched the two lines coming from the DPP on the dish so that the 3100 was using the feed that the 9200 had previously. This had no impact at all and the 3100 still had the same issue and the 9200 still worked correctly.

Thinking maybe my dish was drifting out of alignment I also checked the signal strength for the affected transponders (on 91) and they seemed fine, some in the low 90s.

Recently the 9200 has started having problems tuning some HD channels on 82, sometimes with a few second delay with the "Acquiring Satellite signal" message popping up before the channel is displayed, and other times with the channel not displaying at all.

So I'm a bit stumped, I originally though the 3100 receiver might be flaking out or the dish might be drifting out of alignment. Now I'm wondering if my DPP is acting up?

Any ideas on how to debug this further? All input is appreciated.

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