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Tried a LaCie 1 TB drive!

Stopped by a Future Shop and a Bell World store tonight, but neither had any of the Bell branded LaCie USB drives in stock. FS had a 1 terabyte LaCie USB disk, so I decided to try that (I know about the 750GB limit). Plugged it in, formatted, reboot, finished. It claims I have space for 133 Hours of HD, or 1000 hours of SD, so I believe that’s the entire disk. I thought it might format it out as a 750 GB disk.

The LaCie disk is a black chassis, and seems fairly quiet during the archive process anyway. It does have a bright blue LED that might become annoying. I suppose I could turn it away from me, or move it behind my AV cabinet. It doesn’t need to be sitting out front.

I archived the 2 hour Simpsons movie to see how it works. It claimed it would take 27 Minutes, 51 seconds. Actual time was about 25 minutes so that’s pretty close! You don’t have to wait for it though; you can select View TV and have it finish in the background. If you return to the Archive Program option, it displays the progress bar again, until finished. All the regular fast forward, skip forward, pause features seem to work.

Ouch – the internal cooling fan just started making one hell of a racket! It keeps starting, grinding away, then stops, repeats after a few minutes. Looks like this one is going back! It’s too noisy to do anymore testing; it was going so well too. I'm using the Restore Option to move the recording back to the internal hard disk, so I don't loose it. I hope the fans aren't a common problem it these things. Why do they always make those things so cheap!

Edit: Took slightly longer to restore the event, about 35 minutes. A popup appeared to tell me it was finished.


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