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I did not explain fully, but the more applications you have, the greater chances are you have one that is poorly made/had bugs/causes a memory leak. That is what I was getting at.

I am pulling on my several years of experience of messing around with Palm OS, where there was a slew of good and bad apps, and you have to trouble shoot to figure out which apps were causing instabilities.

The quality control process is a concern right now with Apple, and developers are complaining.

"Apple limits app testing to five devices, so there is basically is no beta testing.
Casualties: Us. We’re the beta testers. Aurora Feint’s developers told us that for app testing, “Apple requires special signing to be done that binds each app to a specific device for debugging purposes,” and it’s limited to five, so they "definitely had some people camping out in our offices" to test. Twitterific creator Craig Hockenberry notes that the iPhone app's crash report come to a dev in a form barely more comprehensible than Swahili, on top of lacking info about what's going on in the phone outside their app. And then, if you do have a fix, there's no way to test it, other than to release it out into the wild through the App Store, "the developer equivalent of playing Russian roulette."

On the upside, Apple appears to be launching a beta testing program soon that'll let devs test apps on up to 100 devices, which jibes with what Tapulous CEO Bart Decrem alluded to in a conversation with us. Hopefully it does roll out in the next couple days, as expected. But even then, putting beta software on a device will require the iPhone or iPod serial number, and will still have to snagged through the App Store."

I expect all this to improve, as growing pains are to be expected. Overall IMO the apps are pretty good compared to what I have been using on Palm OS. It easy to spot a turd, and the reviews seem to be a good indication of what is worth trying. I havent actually bought an app yet, just using the free ones for now.
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