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2 weeks with an iphone

I have had my IPHONE for almost 2 weeks now (still no bill from Rogers) but I figured I would share my story.

Pick up day 7am out the front of Dixie and Queen Brampton. Number 17 in the queue. Notice in paper was doors open at select stores 9am they opened at 10:05am

2 people went inside the rest told wait outsite. Rogers computers were down. The problem was the servers were sized with the assumption that only a small percentage of the terminals would be handling transactions at a time.

11am still no phones activated. I went inside and spoke to the sales reps. No support from head office or tech support. The obvious solution was for every store to only turn on one terminal. I told the sales rep who said out of her control.

11:05am number 5 in queue and I swapped numbers he had to go to work still no iphones sold

1:25 pm swapped number 5 for number 15 and then number 15 for number 19 (rumour was there were only 30 phones in the store but two per customer limit had me worrried.

3:10pm returned to pick up phone everyone had left except a few people they had finally taken our names and numbers. The computers were sort of working only get sql errors every minute so I figured I would try and get one. Still none had been succesfully sold in that store.

3:50 first person leaves with an activated iphone (The itunes issue was a non event now and never affected us).

5:30pm I got the second iphone out the door and made it just in time to pick my son up from daycare.

I had to pay $415 and was handed a $50 rebate form (still on my desk). I was told I would get more off when I called rogers and renegotiated my plan. $30 data option was not in the computer.

Next day called rogers 1 hour on the phone and finally got a $150 rebate (still have my form I will wait till I see the bill don't want to risk $150 for $50). My plan is 100 normal 1000 minutes after 9pm. I have a blackberry 8300 so I will keep both until work switches mail and apps over.

There is no good GPS software (I use GPS NAV on blackberry and gives me turn by turn) but the IPHONE maps app is useless.

Lots of memory leaks and you have to reset every day as a lot of the apps need all the ram and just won't start or crash.

2 weeks later
I love my phone although I am almost at the 148 apps limit (9 pages of 16 apps plus four on the bottom). Not a lot of data usage yet as most times I get WI-FI although it has trouble switching and I have to enable disable airplane modet to make work.

The app store is addictave (you install straight from your phone) and I have purchased most the games and lots of the business tools.

Apps I am waiting for 1) Slingbox 2) Camera barcode reader (price checker compare, shopping list more info etc) 3) decent GPS prog TOM TOM ? 4) skype 5) secondlife
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