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Originally Posted by dosborne View Post
Personally, I don't see what the problem is. Updates are available for a reason. I'd prefer the unit download the EPG at 3:00am rather than when I go to use it.

If you are using the unit for a purpose not intended by the manufacturer (output to your tv) then you shouldn't really be upset that this doesn't work 100% as you expect it to. The proper solution is of course to get your IR blaster to simply turn the unit on/off as required.
If the purpose isn't to output to your tv what you tell it to output, what do you imagine the purpose is?

Why is it necessary to go into standby mode after an update? Why do you see that as a superior result to just returning the system to its previous state. I have specifically turned off the standby mode, so why doesn't the silly machine read that information and obey!
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