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Infonec is the best computer shop in Toronto, and maybe even Ontario

I absolutely love shopping at this store. The brother of one of my friends told me about this place about 5 years ago and ever since then I practically only shop at Infonec for all my major computer components. I think this store is clearly one of the best kept secrets of Toronto computer shops, and their prices, knowledge, and service are much better than other computer shops. Personally, I feel that CanadaComputers is overrated, and if you actually compare prices on computer parts, you'll see that Infonec is either similarly priced, or even cheaper. Plus, Infonec will also usually price match if some part you want to buy from them is cheaper at another computer shop; they've done it for me several times.

I bought my first gaming system from the Toronto location of Infonec about 3 years ago, and everything still works great today. I chose the parts from their store, and they built my system at no extra cost to me. I normally try to do my research before I buy any computer parts, but the staff at the Toronto location actually recommended a smarter buy for the power supply on my computer, and even today I'm still thankful that I bought the one that they recommended. If you're not entirely sure what you're buying, you should ask Infonec's staff for help. Not only will they be happy help you incredibly well, but you'll also save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle by doing this. I ask them for help on choosing products all the time, and I consider myself to be a guy that's very knowledgable when it comes to computers (I help my friends and family select the right computer parts for their needs).

Every Infonec employee that I've bought from has always been extremely knowledgable, and no one has ever tried to screw me over. In fact, when I went to the Markham location today to purchase the new ATi Radeon 4850 video card, I asked the clerk if this card would run on my pci-e 1.0a motherboard (since this card is compatible with pci-e 2.0, but might not be backwards compatible with 1.0a). After explaining to me that the new video card I was buying would be quite bottlenecked by my current motherboard and system, I decided to pass on the card and go home to research on the Internet more about what he said. Sure enough, he was right, he was also right about the fact that this card might not even work on my current system. This guy saved me the $185 that I was about to spend on this card (it was on sale today for $15 off, even though it was just released!!!). He also saved me potential hassle and loss of time. My experience today is why I've decided to sit down, use the time that I've saved by not getting the video card, and write this review of Infonec. I'm not ready to upgrade my system just yet, but when I am, this is the store that I will go to first. Price is normally the first thing that I consider when I go shopping at a computer store, but when a store sacrifices an instant sale to make sure that I make the best product decision, that's something that I think is really classy and I appreciate it a lot.

I always reccomend Infonec to anyone that needs computer parts at the best price, and one of my friends that I recommended this store to still prefers to buy his parts from them today. I haven't had a bad experience with this store, and I've never regretted a purchase that I've made from them. If you haven't checked out this store yet, I recommend you do so...NOW!!! at (the website is pretty much always up to date). I even check out Infonec for items that I could buy at FutureShop or BestBuy, such as cables and game peripherals. If you're looking for a particular part, or need some help, you actually might be better off to call them first. If the product is something that's not as popular, they may need to order it in, but this will save you a trip going down to the store for nothing (I've learned this the hard way!!!)

Funny enough, I'm not sure if a lot of people actually know about this store. If you know about CanadaComputers, then you need to know about Infonec. I'm big on comparision shopping online, and I recommend that if you have the time then this is something that's great to do if you want to save some $$. I love the way Infonec does business and I hope that their store does very well in the future and continues to be a great success.

Some of my system specs (in case you're interested):

Asus A8N-E Motherboard -- Socket 939
AMD Opteron 180 CPU
Nvidia GeForce 7800GTX
2GB DDR OCZ RAM (I think it's OCZ's Premium series)
Antec TruePower 550 watts PSU
...and... a Logitech MOMO force feedback steering wheel!!!
ALL purchased at Infonec (the wheel was $50 cheaper than at FutureShop or any other big electronics retailer when I bought it)

...if you're a gamer you can probably see why I'm looking to upgrade my computer system. Hahahaha.
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