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The items you mention are not health scares (at least some of them).

Even newer breast implants need to typically be replaced every "few" (10) years. Also quite a few women had significant problems with the earlier ones. That was definitely not a "health scare" example. It is very real.

I was aware of the DDT issue and potential reintroduction for malaria control. I have several comments regarding that.

1. We are now aware of the pros and cons of the subsance, so we can do a risk/benefit analysis, which was not properly done at the introduction of DDT.

2. Better malaria control is achieved through mosquito netting soaked in an appropriate insecticide, rather than "indescrimitate spraying" of DDT.

3. I have seen many documentaries on malaria control over the past few years.

DDT is not a Health Scare. The environmental hazards have been well documented.

Similar consideration is being given to the reintroduction of Thalidomide, however, it would not be given to women of child bearing years.

The point I'm trying to make is that history has shown us many problems that arise only after years of study and sometimes only after technology "catches up" to be able to measure those effects. In the meantime, it makes good sense to minimize the effects when possible.

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Thanks, those are some good points. I agree that sometimes things turn out to be bad. My point is that the opposite happens as well. Many of these things turn out to be exaggerated claims, like DDT (again, proper use is different than indiscriminate spraying), or claims with no basis whatsoever, like aspartame and cancer. This cell phone thing seems similar to some of those health scares.
I should have been more specific with the breast implant thing, I meant that there is no danger of breast cancer from implants, which was the main scare and it was not supported by the scientific evidence. The fact that some might rupture is maybe a quality control issue, but the health risks otherwise are minimal (not withstanding the fact that the surgery is incredibly invasive).
I agree with minimizing the effect where possible and, importantly, where plausible. As I originally pointed out there is a real increased risk of a traffic accident talking on a cell phone while driving (supported by experimental and observational studies), whereas the risk of health effects of cell phone radiation simply don't seem plausible (because the radiation is nonionizing compared to say UV rays or x-rays) and there is no compelling scientific evidence whatsoever of any ill effects in humans. Think also of the unfounded power line health scares in the past.
My concern is that the radiation thing might distract from the driving and talking thing which I think needs more discussion from legislators. I think this discussion needs to take place, so I am glad you have taken the time to comment here.

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bluetooth concerns

Ive never had problems with cellular phones held directly to the ear but bluetooth use (headsets) give me very unusal headache pains just above the ear of use. Any explanations or suggestions anyone?
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what about . . .

Every scientist on the planet will point at the cells around the ear and say, 'well, here's something,' or 'nothing happening there . . .' but what about the fact that the human body, with its computer (brain) and miles of wireing (nerves), is an electrical energy field. What happenes when another energy field interacts with out bioelectrical field? Is getting angry at someone over something minor an effect of wireless technology? What about our ability to concentrate? Blame it on aspartame. If you go into the silence of your mind and truly think about such issues, perhaps you will recieve some inutitive advice. Or if you have that bluetooth headset glued to your ear, perhaps not.
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Controversy over cellphones

I would just like to make something clear from my perspective. I was never epileptic until the year 2000, almost a year after I began using, guess what? A CELLPHONE. People who scoff at the research made on this topic scoff at people like me. Sure it may be a coincidence but I highly doubt it. The lesion that was all of a sudden found on my brain and which was causing my seizures according to doctors was on the exact same side as the ear I was using when using my phone. That is the lesion appeared on my left temporal lobe. Coincidence? I don't think so. So many people judge me when I say that this is the reason I began having seizures. Eventually, after getting another MRI done and long after I stopped using my last cellphone guess what the result were? NO LESION! Now how was it possible that the lesion disappeared? I believed it was because I immediately stopped using the cellphone. Again, people mocked me for stating that in my opinion this was the cause. So eventually, I got a cellphone again. Despite being medicated for my epilepsy even after the lesion was gone, about 3 months after having a new cellphone, guess what happened? The seizures returned. Too much of a coincidence in my opinion. Now I am not attempting to say that everybody will get seizures, but I am more than willing to say that it is possible cellphones can affect different people in different ways. I am attempting to find an alternative to using cellphones directly against my head, such as using the speakerphone feature on my phone or using bluetooth. I have yet to purchase a bluetooth, I am still doing significant amount of research on it. Your question is legitimate and in my opinion, do your own research instead of listening to everybody else on here, including myself. Ultimately, you need to make your own decision. Remember, you are far more different than the next person. Good luck on your quest!
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Thanks, Mr. Epileptic101.

Did you come across in your research?

You're basically stating that you have Reflex Epilepsy, is it only triggered specifically by cell phone use only?

Wiki, states that "patients with primary reading epilepsy have seizures triggered by reading". It doesn't necessarily mean that reading is bad, or is it? Yeah, right.
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