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Digital Sage
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The next evolution in smartphones is probably a battery that can last as long as your old simple cellphone, but still allow you to do all the powerful things your smartphone can do.
I agree on this point.

All of the smartphones that are at 4" + for screen size are really about as big as they can comfortably be. Mine is 4.3" and is at the limit for what will comfortably fit into a pants pocket and thickness is not really the determining factor here.

An extra mm or two of thickness for significantly extended battery life would be a big deal for a lot of people.

Android rocks!
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I had actually gifted my 4S in anticipation of getting a 5, but yesterday I changed my mind after sitting down and really evaluating how I use my mobile technology. In the end, I bought a 64GB/LTE iPad and gifted my iPad2. While it's not the latest and greatest, it really is the best combination of technology and form factor for what I like to do. I have a Blackberry for work, and that's good enough for basic voice.

The moral of the story, the iPhone5 really didn't bring anything new and desirable for me that iOS6 on the iPad3 wont do.
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The iPhone 5 looks like a excellent smartphone and may be the best one out there this holiday season but it isn't the second coming of Christ as some breathless media outlets suggest.

IMO, the TCO (total cost of ownership) including expensive wireless and LTE data plans makes the iPhone 5 a lousy value proposition.

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Originally Posted by grungymegajeff View Post
NFC is not a selling feature for me, as I'm not sure where I can use it in Canada. Is this for making payments similar to the tap to pay credit cards?
Tap to pay credit card systems are one potential use for NFC. Implementation is limited at the moment, but it's coming fast. CIBC is rolling out an NFC system already, and RBC and Visa are releasing a joint system that will work with all banks/credit cards next month. Beginning in 2013 or 2014 many Canadian transit systems, including the TTC in Toronto, plan to support fare payments via NFC (like the PRESTO cards but with your phone instead of the card).

NFC has other uses too. You can buy your own tags for a few dollars and very easily set them up for automation purposes. I have a tag in my car so that when I put my phone down where I normally leave it, it turns on bluetooth and connects to the car, turns on GPS, reads any incoming text messages aloud, and (just for fun) reads out the current date, time, and expected weather. When I get out of the car and swipe my phone past it, it switches back to normal. I have another one on the side of my washing machine, so if I swipe my phone past it when I turn the machine on, it sets a timer for 59 minutes (the normal load time on my machine). Another one on my desk at work that turns off my ringer when I put my phone down. Another one in my wallet allows me to quickly add myself as a contact to NFC enabled Blackberrys and Android phones (if they choose, I can't do it surreptitiously).

I don't want to turn this into a referendum on how useful NFC is. I know it's mostly limited at the moment to the super-geeky, like myself; most people would never bother to go to the lengths I've gone to with NFC tags. And even when NFC payment systems become ubiquitous in a few years many people will still have no interest. However, I'm interested and I really believe the technology is going to be huge in the next two years, and so the absence really turns me off the iPhone 5. And if you buy an iPhone 5 on a three-year term, I'd bet that NFC will have a lot more common use in years two and three of your contract, and those people will have to wait until late 2015 to make use of it. Including it would help future-proof the iPhone.

It's still a good phone without NFC, and it's absence isn't the end of the world by any means. It's just disappointing that Apple would forgo NFC again.

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Originally Posted by TorontoColin View Post
NFC has other uses too. You can buy your own tags for a few dollars and very easily set them up for automation purposes.
Is there another thread where you post more detail about this as I would like to learn more about these uses for NFC.
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Originally Posted by Veee View Post
Is there any reason why Apple can't make 2 different sizes of the latest iPhone? Why not give customers a choice?
They do give you a choice as you can still buy the iPhone 4 and 4S.
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Originally Posted by Wayne View Post
They do give you a choice as you can still buy the iPhone 4 and 4S.
I said "latest" iPhone. The 4s is running old hardware.
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I preordered a 64MB Black through Telus's preorder page as soon as it went live at midnight. By 12:10 I was completely done with confirmation emails already received. I am upgrading from a 3GS so I am really looking forward to a new, much snappier phone (the 3GS is really feeling sluggish these days). NFC sounds interesting and it might have been cool if it had it, but the absence of it wasn't enough to put me off. I'm sure in 3 years (2 if I talk nicely to Telus) it will be a mature technology and I can get a new one with that in it.
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I think one of the main issues with NFC, at least when it comes to payment, is that the carriers, the hardware makers and the banks all still each want their cut if you use thier device for payment. So when I use my phone to pay for my daily Timmys they each want a piece of the action.

It is kind of silly but the easiest way to use NFC with your phone for payment today is to get an extra credit card and cut the NFC chip out of your card and tape it onto your phone. Not very elegant but functional, just like the Flight of the Conchords' Camera-phone.
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I already posted it on the previous page
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The embedded video was blocked at work
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I'm on the fence about buying one. I'm having a hard time parting with the money.
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For me, it isn't just about the money.

The Samsung S III is a lot less than the iPhone 5. That really muddies the waters. Is the Apple environment worth the extra money?

The only application I use a lot on my iPhone 3Gs, that is not availabe on Android, is TomTom. However, TomTom is supposed to be coming for Android this fall. That also muddies the waters.

I have a lot invested in cables and stuff for my iPhone 3Gs. The new connector, and the obscene cost of the adapter, AND the lack of cheap alternatives from and others, also muddy the water.

I think I need to go fondle a S III, and a mock up of an iPhone 5. If the S III is too large to be comfortable for me, that will help.

Bottom line - I have two tables (7" and 10"), two laptops (12" and 17"), and lots of computers. I don't need to replace any of those with my smartphone. The 3Gs' screen is sufficient for what I want from a smartphone, so I don't need a wanna-be stunted tablet. I want a smartphone!
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rfielder - I am like you. I do like my Iphone 3gs and don't won't to shell out for new cables ect. My phone is used mostly for texting and reading email.

I know each year Apple will introduce another phone so I will hold off until my contract is up before changing and may look into the other smartphones which are less expensive and suit my needs. I too have a tablet and a laptop so no need for a big screen smartphone.
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