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post #46 of 60 (permalink) Old 2011-07-13, 05:57 PM
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The number of apps for Android is growing quite rapidly. Tablet apps on HOneycomb are still limited compared to iPad.

If apps are important then check out the Android Marketplace and iTunes store and decide for yourself.

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post #47 of 60 (permalink) Old 2011-07-13, 09:25 PM
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I took your advice and ordered up the Asus transformer.....should arrive tomorrow at my local staples store. hope all goes well with honeycomb and me.
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post #48 of 60 (permalink) Old 2011-07-14, 10:05 AM Thread Starter
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After much thought, I am now leaning towards the asus transformer. Does anyone have the $20 off 250 purchase, and $20 off 150 coupons that I can stack for the purchase of the 16GB tablet please?

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post #49 of 60 (permalink) Old 2011-07-14, 10:53 AM
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Personally, I'm waiting to see what the new Amazon tablets will be like before committing to an Android tablet.

Until then my Playbook does a fine job.

If Amazon wasn't planning to be in the tablet business then the Asus would be my choice.
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post #50 of 60 (permalink) Old 2011-07-14, 11:30 AM
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I took your advice and ordered up the Asus transformer..
For the record, that wasn't my advice. My advice would be to get an iPad.

What I said was

If I had to consider another tablet, it would be Android and I would definitely consider the Transformer thanks to its excellent price.
I still believe the iPad is the best tablet out there but based on feedback from members and from what I have read, I believe the Transformer is the value among Android tablets.

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post #51 of 60 (permalink) Old 2011-07-14, 03:56 PM
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oh lol I read it wrong BUT now see what you meant after reading it again. I am suppose to pick the transformer up today but having second thoughts.... I am going to make sure I can return it if I am not happy with it.
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post #52 of 60 (permalink) Old 2011-07-14, 04:02 PM
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There's a dedicated thread discussing the transformer. People seem like the price and separate keyboard/battery.
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post #53 of 60 (permalink) Old 2011-07-14, 04:19 PM
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I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with the Transformer.

FYI : The Android 3.2 Update is currently in testing @ Asus so it should be out in the coming days. This update will greatly improve compatibility with Android apps that are not made specifically for Tablets.

Also, price, price, price.

Ipad = $520.00 + $44.00 for TV out cable = $564 and NO memory upgrade options

Transformer = $400.00 and includes TV out and accepts Micro SD Cards.

I believe the Transformer is also the only Android Tablet that uses the same Gorilla Glass that's found on the iPAD.
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post #54 of 60 (permalink) Old 2011-07-15, 01:43 AM
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This is my plan: Return the iPad 2, go to Costco and get a Xoom until the Samsung tablet is available mid-August, return the Xoom for the Samsung Tab and wait for the next version of the iPad which is rumoured to be coming out later this Fall.

Thanks. Your abuse of return policies keeps the price of technology higher for all of us.

Get off your high horse, Hugh, you are wrong. Returning a product for credit and purchasing another brand for comparison is not abusing the return policy. One is more likely to eventually make a purchase. Nor, as you state, does it in any way make the product more expensive. What keeps prices up is demand for said products. When demand declines, prices often do, too. Motorola's Xoom's $100. recent reduction is case in point. Poor sales = price reduction.
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post #55 of 60 (permalink) Old 2011-07-15, 08:33 AM
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inHaliburton, rationalize it to yourself anyway you like.

Let's get back on topic.

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post #56 of 60 (permalink) Old 2011-07-15, 03:56 PM
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I finally made a decision....ipad2 was the choice and absolutely love almost everything about it especially the bazillion apps available. Things I don't like are MONO speaker and no flash BUT skyfire works fine for playing any flash vids when needed. I like the clean look of the OS and tablet. Glad this process is over. Time to play.
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post #57 of 60 (permalink) Old 2011-07-15, 08:55 PM
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aeroplane, enjoy but in a week or so, please give us a review letting us know what you like and don`t like. Cheers.

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Picked an ipad

I spent close to a month looking at tablets. I thought I wanted the HP Touchpad, but ended up with the iPad. I looked at Android OS also, but in the end I decided I wanted a tablet that does everything I want out of the box, not in six months when an update is released. So far no regrets, but to each his own.

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post #59 of 60 (permalink) Old 2011-07-27, 08:01 PM
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Hers is my take on it.
To get the full meal deal with Flash I think rules out iPad.
It looked like the Xoom might be a real winner and probably is, but like Playbook, seems to have missed the mark according to critics. (Tough Crowd)

This all leads me to believe you must define what it is you want out of it, so I planned to either GO BIG or GO SMALL, nothing in between.

Well BIG turned out to be too expensive for all I really needed to do and that's read the PMBOK PDF without sitting at the computer or burning my knees on the laptop.

So you guessed it, I went SMALL. Hech, if it will do all my Android LG Shine + will do except make a phone call, I'm down with that. I only need WiFi anyways.

So a short trip to eBay and $75 we get a 7" Android 2.2 tablet that will do all we really need.

I always like to start out with a training device and once the needs are better assessed and the technology has a fits all product, then we have spent well.

I've been totally amazed at what my Android phone can do, so I'm sure the same on a larger screen will be just awesome.

I watched a tablet demo with the guy doing video editing. Somehow I just think a multi-core desktop is better.

But checking the web, social media, the net and some basic office functions, then it should be great.

It will be a few years before tablets become the standard of personal computing for many I expect.
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post #60 of 60 (permalink) Old 2011-07-28, 02:09 PM
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I've donned my Teflon suit so here goes....

I bought a Xoom the day it was released here in Canada and haven't spent much time worrying about lack of apps, the next big thing, dropping prices or timely **cough, cough** updates. I have enjoyed using it since the day I purchased it and it's done everything I expected of it based on my criteria for a tablet. My Dell XPS laptop hasn't been out of the house since the Xoom came home.

I had a self imposed deadline of August 1st to have Honeycomb 3.2 (camera connectivity via USB for a vacation was my goal) so within the last week I magically turned my Canadian Xoom into a stock US one and within half an hour was updated to 3.2.

There is a functional app for anything I needed the Xoom to do. As I have an Android phone, when I first fired up my Xoom most of the apps ported over and they all functioned just fine. They all may not be visually optimized for a tablet but they work.

The battery life has been great and it's been coast to coast with me using my phone as a hotspot so I've not been without internet access.

Is it the perfect device for everyone? No. That's why manufacturers are queuing up to offer their tablet wares.

It has performed well for me for 4 months and I have not regretted my purchase once. The recent upgrade to Honeycomb 3.2 has polished the experience somewhat and added SD card support and the aforementioned USB connectivity (available as of 3.1).

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