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10 ways Android beats iOS, Windows, and everything else

Windows Mobile and the iPhone have some advantages over Android, but in these areas, no one beats Google's OS

Off the top, I'm not that knowledgable about Android. Being able to create a Hotspot is one very nice benefit, however, beyond that the other nine reasons don't impress me.

My sense is that Android users are far more likely to be Facebook and Twitter users so maybe that's why I"m not impressed.

IMO, What the author doesn't address though is apps. Ignoring the wealth of apps available on the iPhone seems disingenuous.

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Both Android and the iPhone are currently offering such great products and services that it is really only at the margins that you can say one is beating the other.

However, I did just run into an issue where the relatively open nature of Android is superior to iOS. That's the VLC app, which looks like it is going to be pulled from the Apple App Store because Apple wants to force them to follow apple's DRM rules. Being limited to watching and listening to media only in apple-allowed formats is problematic (though in the end, it just means having to do one or two extra conversion steps, so even then not all that bad).
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1. Maps and Navigation: I agree, Andriod's implementation of this is both excellent and free. I don't think you can get a better nav app on the iPhone at any price.

2. Notify bar: Android's notification bar is much better than iOS notifications, but I still think WebOS has the best notification implementation.

3. Widgets: meh.

4. Carrier choice: I think this is an important point, there is lots of Andriod support out there from carriers.

5. Hotspot: This is nice, but WebOS can do this too. This is only notable because iOS users don't have this option.

6. Screen size selection: Sure, choice is nice. Some people want tiny phones, some people want more screen real estate.

7. Voice actions: I've used this on my girlfriend's Nexus One for navigation. It's nice, but I doubt anyone would use this outside of a hands-free situation.

8. Fastest browser: so Google has lots of people working on software optimizations, which counts for something.

9. More/Better buttons: perhaps, but I'm not a big fan of phones that have touch-sensitive buttons (no tactile response when you press them). The Nexus One has this problem. I'm sure this problem isn't true of all phones.

10. Google Voice: Sure, but it's not available to all Canadians yet and there are clients available for other mobile operating systems. It's not really a win for Andriod (as far as I can tell).

On the whole, I personally think that Andriod is great. When traveling with my girlfriend this summer we were in group that had three smartphones: her Nexus One, my Palm Pre, and a friend's iPhone 3GS. The Nexus One's navigation features (both for driving and for walking) was much better than the nav software available for the other phones. I hope Google continues to succeed with Andriod.
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The Hotspot is an amazing feature, I also think Android beats iOs on (in no particular order):

- Notification bar is much better than the in your face notification badge that iOs uses. I like having a weather app that puts a small current temperature icon in the notification bar.
- Flash 10.1, self explanatory.
- Removable/interchangeable battery.
- Opening encrypted/password protected pdf files (I cannot on my iPod or iPad).
- Widgets, I use them to get things like real-time Crude Oil and Gas prices or $Canadian exchange rate, real time sports scores, Twitter/Facebook updates, weather forecasts, upcoming appointments, etc. I can literally see all this information without having to open/close/refresh any apps as they are always refreshing live on the home screens.
- Various/endless ways to configure/customize the look and feel of your home screens.
- Various phone selections is also a good thing, do you want a physical keyboard, screen size, carrier, etc.
- The single button on iOs products really annoys me, I love having a Home, Menu, Back and Search button, this is a real time saver (especially the back button).
- Easy and free ring-tones from apps like Mabilo, Zedge, Ringtone, etc.
- Real multi-tasking, you can do anything in any app and click the back button to get to where you were (or holding home to show last 8 programs used).
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^^ Phones like the HTC Desire and Motorola Milestone have physical buttons on them.
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"IMO, What the author doesn't address though is apps. Ignoring the wealth of apps available on the iPhone seems disingenuous."

I am honestly curious what particular app function that iphone has over Android?
I have yet to encounter something I personally wanted to do that was not available as a free app on android. Is the app difference is based around particular professions, and those people cant find a relevant app on android? Caveat being I am going to buty a $100 app for my alarm sytem.

I am opposite to HUGH in that I am an Android user, and not totally familiar with Iphones, I have used one on occasion I can offer my hands on opinion with the points as related to my experience with Android.

1. Google maps does a great job at navigation and with 2.2 you are able to use complete voice navigation, not to mention if I am looking for a specific store, address, or landmark it shows up each and every time. Not sure how that compares with IOS

2.Notify Bar- I use this every single time I look my phone. It shows me all incoming emails, text, twitters, updates,connection status, music status all in one tiny little bar and all grouped according to the message type. VERY valuable! Drag it down and there is the info in one screen.

3.Widgets- How is organizing your phone how you use it not an important feature? Would you ever use your computer with a home screen filled with every program link shown? No you organize with your work flow and prioritize them. For me, a big plus, perhaps others want to sort thru all the thumbnails, not for me I like the CURRENT info displayed for me in the widget

4.Carrier choice- Not an issue for me as the big players all carry the Iphone in Canada now. And the same goes for Android. In the states I can see this being a major issue. How good is AT&t customer service record?

5.Hotspots- I cant comment and I have not used this function yet but could see using it with my laptop while traveling.

6.Screen size- sure choice is good but too small is useless, and too big is just too BIG really a moot point Should have been Choice of Hardware not screen size!

7.Voice Actions- I use this every day as well! From asking for directions to a location, to dialing numbers, to searching the internet, to composing text messages(when Im lazy, or its loud around me). My only beef thus far with it is that so far I can not use my preferred music player with it.

8.Faster Browser- I know my pages load faster than the GF's Iphone, by how much not alot but it is faster. If you are you reading this on Chrome, firefox, Opera you are likely doing so because they are faster browsers.

9.More/better buttons-Tough one the iphone is so clean looking but without better day to day usage its a hard one, I do use the menu button many times, home button all the time, back button all the time the only one I dont use alot is the search button and to be honest I did not even know I had it until i looked at my phone just now.

10.Google Voice- still not a viable option for Canadians I belive.

My personal opinions on using Android.
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beyond that the other nine reasons don't impress me
1) I have often used the maps to show directions to someone.
2) The notify bar lets you know when there are emails, texts and updates avaialble, without closing what you're currently doing.
3) Widgets are essentially commonly used applications, such as a browser.
4) Until recently, with the iPhone you were tied to Rogers. Bell, Telus or others were out of luck. In the U.S., AT&T is still the only choice. Andrioid phones are available for all carriers.
5) Yes, it's handy and works with anything that can do WiFi. I phone supports only USB. USB is also available with Android.
6) Choice of screen sizes is always nice.
7) I haven't used, but voice control is useful to some.
8) Always nice.
9) Personal preferences.
10) Haven't used that either.

BTW, I've never used Facebook or Twitter.
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IMO, What the author doesn't address though is apps. Ignoring the wealth of apps available on the iPhone seems disingenuous.
I'm the Android guy in our office and the iPhone guys used to bring up the App discussion in the early days. Not any more.

There are as many useless apps for Android as there are for the iPhone. The good news is that most of them are free.

Yes, there are still a few apps which are iPhone only but the number is shrinking and they tend to be very specific or the same thing can be done another way. The flipside to that is that there are some very cool apps which are Android only that the iPhone folks drool over.

Even the biggest iPhone guy in our office admits that the Android notification schemes (notify bar, flashing trackball on my N1) are much better than the iPhone.
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There are many commercial apps that are still iPhone exclusive (though the gap seems to shrink daily) and almost all apps come out for the iPhone first.

For me, although the faster browser and improved notification system on Android are a big deal, the biggest attraction for me isn't even mentioned here. What I love most about Android is that updates come so frequently, it feels like Google is constantly working to improve it and we see that work all the time.

I also liked that I could buy an Android phone unlocked from Google, although Apple offers that now too. I'm sure you could easily write a similar list of what iPhones do better.
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Apple's own Remote app is one I bet you won't see on Android Not sure Google has an answer (yet) to Apple's Airport Express and the upcoming expanded AirPlay functionality.
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No ****** here so don't be dissing me.

I'm pleased to hear how happy everyone is with their Android device. I always believe that more competition is a good thing.

For me, apps are everything (and many of mine are Apple only) but I look forward to when my 3 year contract (sigh) is up with Rogers and I can investigate alternatives!

The competition should also push Apple and MS and RIM to improve their products.

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Whoops, I was wrong: http://hyperfine.com/remoteforitunes/default.aspx Interesting!
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One other MAJOR bonus for me, that could just be my specific android phone is using a standard USB connector! I just use cheap if not free standard usb cables everywhere. One with my laptop,car,server,work station, office computer,girlfriends car, and wall charger. Same one works with my cell phone,digital camera, and at the office it works with most blackberries, digital cameras that we have, calculators etc. One simple connector so many uses.
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Good read. I learned a new trick. I had no idea i could hold the search button to activate the voice feature! Lovin my DESIRE.. 100% no regrets!

I love the fact that we have widgets and multiple page home screens and dont have to stare and 100 app squares
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I use GMOTE for remote control http://www.gmote.org/
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