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hidden fees

This bill will only make the companies show you what they charge you for. It doesn't mention anywhere I've read that it would waive the fees. When I signed my contract yrs ago, with Rogers, I was told upfront what the charges were actually going to be. Before i even signed the contract!
As for the 9-1-1 fee. When you dial 9-1-1 from your cell phone you are connected to the 9-1-1 from the town where your tower is. Bell (and Bell only) will actually go the extra mile to help the operator triangulate where you are so they can save your life. Now that's what I call proper charge of a fee. If the other companies can't use that money to go the extra mile & help the customer, they should just give it back to the 9-1-1 center of where the bill is sent.
As for the monthly service fee, well if someone was smart enough to put up new towers in remote areas and cover the country entirely, I wouldn't mind paying it but right now, I don't know what type of service I get with that... Hell even in Ottawa the network is full at times (think of Canada day). What's the point of service fee if the service is not available at all times?
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