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How Can I Port My Number But Keep My Plan

Hi All, I'm hoping I can get some advice here. When Rogers begins selling the iPhone, probably next week or the week after, I intend to purchase one.

However, I currently have 8 months to go on my Bell 3-year contract. I really like my plan with Bell and I don't want to get rid of it or my Bell phone. What I'd like to do is keep my Bell plan and my Bell phone but give the phone to my girlfriend. I'd like as little hassle as possible with Bell and my plan with them is really, really good so I expect them to use any excuse whatsoever to change the contract so that they can take away my promo items (long distance, data, caller id, etc).

But, the thing is, I do want a new phone number for my girlfriend so that I can keep my existing number when I get the iPhone. I need to keep my existing number. I know that number portability exists, but I was told that if I go to Rogers first and tell them to port the number, the current system will cancel the Bell plan, which I don't want to do.

So, my question is, what order should I go to the Bell and Rogers customer service? Should I go to Bell first, ask them just to change the number, and then walk over to the Rogers store and tell them to specifically take my old number? Will this work? Is there any danger of the number being taken by someone else? In this scenario, can Bell prevent the number from being used by Rogers?

What if I go to the Rogers customer service first, and ask them to port the number? Then walk to the Bell store and ask them to change the number on my plan? Will this work, or will the system have already canceled my Bell plan? Will the number still be portable by Rogers, or will changing it at Bell right away cause it to become unportable?

What is the best way? You can assume that I'll be doing this in a mall where there is both a Rogers store and a Bell store, and can be at their respective customer service desks within five minutes.

Anyone with good knowledge of the way the current cell phone number database system works tell me what is the best way to do this?
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