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I want my HDTV he already has the components for the machine and has questions reguarding a MCE remote, etc.


Yes to control all of the functions in VMC you need a MCE remote. I just picked up the HVR-1800 and it came with a remote but also I had bought an MCE remote from NCIX for 30$ but in the end it would not control my Moto DCT-6200 HD receiver so i grabbed the IR lead from the Hauppauge controler and it is flawless now.

The other alternative is just getting an IR blaster (USB) or the Hauppauge one that will plug in to the tunder and then using a Logitech Harmony remote (this is basically what I am doing).

I have not tried the Hauppauge software so I am unable to say how it is, but from general speak on the net it is not the greatest. Also for my area VMC has a pretty good guide.
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