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5.1 audio stream on 2.1 speaker system

Hello guys. First post for me, so thought I'd say hi first.

My question pertains to playing DVDs with 5.1 digital surround sound or DTS streams on my 2.1 speaker system using Cyberlink PowerDVD 8. As you might know, doing so results in VERY STRONG bass coming from the amplifier, while what is supposed to be the centre sound (voices and such) to be a lot quieter. The result: I can watch movies on my computer, yes, but the bass is so loud coming from the subwoofer (Logitech Z-2300) that I will have to either put up with the loud bass, or strain my ears to hear what the people in the movie are saying. So, is there any way to "collapse" the 5.1 sound stream or DTS stream into a 2.1 channel stream for Cyberlink powerDVD? I've tried using the internal "downmix" option in PowerDVD 8, but it didn't seem to help much. What exactly are my options here? Do I simply have to buy DVDs that also include 2-channel surround sound?

Thanks in advance!
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