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Originally Posted by Wayne
That must be a pretty honkin' machine as I just built a very high end system (E8400, 4GB RAM, etc.) with the quietest quality parts I could find and it came in around $1200 (without monitor or TV tuner cards as I already had them).
Well I am hoping it will be, I will be switching out the stock cooler on the CPU for a Noucta one which I know will be almost silent, then bought a few 80mm fans of theirs to keep air flow good try and keep and noise at a minimum. I should have the parts by next week, and then it will just be getting the time to build it since i work a lot (reason for getting an HTPC as the Shaw one doesnt have enough capacity).

The Intel machine I built is water cooled so it is almost silent which is good, since everything is sitting in my living room (small apartment).
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