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So are we gonna start a pool as to the identity of the last cylon?
I'll go out on a limb.....

Seriously doubt it is Kara Thrace. Too obvious. Same with Laura Roslin. The writers want us to believe it is one of them.

But I did have thoughts about Ellen Tigh. She was "dead" previously, and then miraculously/conveniently reappeared in time to torment Colonel Tigh for a while. From a timeline perspective this could make sense. I wrestled with the idea that Tigh was and always had been a Cylon. If the Cylons planted him long ago, even as a child, then making him weak enough to hook up with Ellen makes sense.
She represents a lot of things that are wrong with humanity.

Looking forward to the rest of this season.

I bet most of the episodes will end with "To be continued..."
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