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This MCE plugin might take care of your concerns. I've not personally used this plugin.

Features :

Switching audio and subtitles streams while playing a video: works with AVI, OGM, MKV
Switching external subtitle files (.SRT, .SUB)
Switching between FFDShow presets (audio & video)
Setting and loading bookmarks inside a video
Real fastforward (and rewind) exactly like in the TV module (with 3 different speeds)
Switching and setting post-processing filters in FFDShow : contrast, noise reduction, crop, resize...
Configuration program provided to set all the options of Media Control
Full remote control support (6 buttons are mapped by default, this can be changed)
Default mapping (works in full screen while watching a video, except the blue button that is always caught) :
Fast forward / rewind buttons
Blue button : loads the startup page of the plugin
Red button : switches audio stream
Green button : switches subtitle stream
Yellow button : macros activator (used to call the macros set in the configuration program)
Live post-processing for Live/Recorded TV, as well as DVDs
Multiple FFDShow instances support
Removes black borders of videos automatically
Direct commands : set brightness/contrast/subtitles delay/subtitles & audio streams/... without entering the Media Control interface with the arrow keys
Windows Live Messenger integration : display incoming messages within Media Center interface, and answer to these messages inside the interface with the remote control or keyboard
Resuming : resume the video its last position
Change default audio device
Macros support : define macros accessibe with the macro activator + a button. With a macro you can raise keyboard shortcuts, launch external programs, and more... For example with a macro you can change of audio device, raise a shortcut (to change display profile) and then restart Media Center
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