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Smile Digital cable compatible tuner card (videotron illico + htpc)

What kind of tuner card and setup (decryption etc) am I looking at in order to tune my cable company's digital and HD signal (QAM w/encryption? PowerKEY-based or DigiCipher-based?) with a media center compatible tuner card. Just so there's no confusion, I'm not looking to get free hdtv or digital, I just want to access the service I already have and pay for with my htpc instead of with their cable box so that I can display it across my media center network and all the other added benefits of the media center with one remote.

I know our signals are a bit more locked down here in Canada compared to some of the cable offerings down south but surely somebody here knows how to get it working with either device cloning or something similar.

I'd be willing to compensate somebody for their time if they wanted to pm me some good resources.

Btw the cable provider is Videotron but I'm sure its similar with VDN.


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