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The CM4228 is certainly the antenna of choice for UHF, and in regards to VHF High channels (7 to 13) its performance is acceptable. It does not receive VHF Low channels (2 to 6) very well beyond about 20 km in most cases. If you are okay with that knowledge then yes, a CM4228 is excellent.

I assumed you'd want the best of both worlds for now, so I recommended a Combo antenna for your needs. Also a Combo will give you the ability to split your downlead to not just TVs but also FM Stereo receivers for excellent reception of the FM radio stations in your area as well as from down in the U.S.

The digital cutover in the U.S. seems to be going on track, but the Canadian one is still a bit of a mystery so I would not count on the 2011 date being etched in stone for your area.

Let us know what your thoughts are, and get your friend to join up here too since we have other HAMS here too.

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