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Goulais River (just outside of The Soo)


i live in goulais river which is just outside of sault ste. marie. I've spent the last couple of days combing over several threads to gain as much info as possible. I recently got a Sony Bravia LCD after years of using crt tvs.

I'm only picking up channels 2 (ctv), 5 (cbc) and 28 (tvo) [all of which are at 25% reception] with an old FM archer indoor antenna. On my old t.v. i could also pick up 12 (global) and c.h. (can't remember the channel number) 8 (abc), 10 (cbs) and very rarely 4 (nbc) with the same antenna.

The american channels rarely would come in clear, i should note.

With the help of the google map i found that i am about 80 km away from the cbs and abc towers in soo mich. and from what i've read so far i am in the fringe to deep fringe area from these towers.

my concern is that between my house and the cbs/abc towers is a hill (where the canadian towers are generally located) and i'm not sure if it is a large enough obstruction to even try to pick up the digital signal.

also, seeing that the distance between the canadian towers and the u.s. ones are at such a difference, i'm wondering what sort of options there are when it comes to picking the right antenna to buy.

any thoughts or comments would be great.
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