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PACE 551/Prima LCD blackout problem

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone ever encountered the following problem.
I have pace 551 and i use component cables to connect it to my Prima HD LCD. the problem is when there is a bright image on the screen, maybe an explosion or ice in hockey, the screen blacks out for a few seconds, when it comes back, if there is still a bright image it blacks out again. this problem is even more apparent when watching HD channels which gets very annoying and makes me stay away from watching HD . Initially I thought that the problem was in my TV so I called a repair guy with whom we concluded (testing it with DVD) that the problem is not in the TV but possibly with the cable box. Just to make sure, I tried many different component cables including those overpriced Monster cables and i still have this problem. I am currently using HDMI, but it has its own issues, and to add to that I want to use HDMI for my DVD.
If anyone heard anything about it please respond, because the Videotron's Tech support told me that they have never heard anything like this before
Thank You
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