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Brent McKee
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I subscribed to TechTV - before it was G4TechTV because of Leo Laporte and the original Call For Help and The Screen Savers. Then they sold the American station to G4 and it became so thoroughly awful as to become unwatchable. Now the American channel has pretty much dumped technology programming except for Attack of the Show and XPlay, but G4TechTV in Canada still has a mandate to do tech programming. Bringing Leo north first for the revived Call For Help and then for The Lab with Leo were Canadian content but also maintained the core mandate of the channel.

If there was a fault that you could find with The Lab with Leo it is that the show wasn't live to air - couldn't be really unless Leo wanted to move his life to Toronto or Vancouver from the San Francisco area, and who would want to do that? If I'm a caller I want my question answered right now, not in a couple of months when the show airs. That lack of immediacy hurt them in other ways as well. It's hard to talk about the latest software when it debuts a week after the last taping and the next taping sequence won't air for at least another month.

Still I will miss Leo and the show. I just hope that Rogers (and Shaw, the other Canadian partner in the channel) are able, and (more importantly) willing to come up with a Canadian show to take its place. Otherwise they may have one less subscriber.
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