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You must not have purchased from a Bell World then.

At Bell the $110 warranty is for data devices. The device is brought in and a repair is generated by the rep. The warehouse then sends a replacement device to the store and the customer gets the exchange (takes a few days for the replacement, a rental phone can be given (not a device) if the device cannot be used). There is no over the counter exchange outside of the 30 day DOA period.

The $70 warranty is for cell phones (which Bell considers the Touch to be). The phone is sent in for repair while a rental phone is provided.

The Touch might qualify for a device warranty (I used to be a Service Co-ordinator at a Bell store, but haven't worked there in almost a year) but I can assure you that you will not receive a replacement out of store stock after the first 30 days regardless of what the rep was very clear about.

If you purchased somewhere else, then they could have different policies.

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