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My Bad Experience

As with bob1964, I will never set foot in that place again.

I purchased an Epson Cinema 500 at the Mississauaga location 4-5 years ago. Prior to that, I had purchased two RP91 dvd players from them and they offered fair pricing on those. I also went there to enquire about ISF services before the Epson purchase. I asked the sales guy what exactly would they be doing for the $500 or so that I was quoted. He went on a diatribe about how he can't give that information out. I informed him that I was just asking what they would be doing for $500 in more detail, not a step by step listing of what and how. Idiot. Needless to say, I passed on their ISF services.

Despite that, I still went to them to purchase the projector. I was given a very good price, and I purchased a 4 year extended warranty as well for $500. It wasn't in stock but they said they'd call me in a few days when it comes in. I didn't hear anything from them and called them myself to check on the status. They tell me that it is in and ready to be picked up. The fact that they didn't call me to tell me it was in was my first hint that something was amiss.

My issues with them occurred a few months later when I brought the unit in for repair. The unit had developed a reddish tinted area in the projected image (probably a dust blob, but who knows). I was immediately told that I should have just called Espon directly and they would have paid for shipping to take the unit and do the repair themselves. I told Trutone of my previous experience using this service from Epson for my TW100 that resulted in a refurbished replacement. I wanted my original unit repaired. That's why I bought it from a brick and mortar store.

For some reason, the staff on hand that day wanted to see the unit in action. Guess they didn't believe me. So like a fool, I agreed and we fired it up. They still didn't believe me. I told them to turn off the lights. Low and behold, they could suddenly see the defect. Then one of their staff members tripped over the cord in the dark and caused the cord to be pulled out from the unit. It's a miracle that the unit didn't come crashing down to the floor.

So they reluctantly agreed to send it in to Epson on my behalf. Having previously fought Epson over my TW100, I wanted dealer support for this round, that's why I paid a bit extra to purchase from Trutone.

Anyways, several weeks go by. I had to frequently call in after waiting a reasonable time to check on status. It finally came back and I went in to pick up the unit. The store manager who I bought it from wasn't there when I picked it up, but the store owner was there. I asked to check the unit while I was there to make sure it was my original unit. Surprise surprise, it was a refurbished unit. And my lens cap was missing. I was pissed and let the owner know it. His response? "You'll have to deal with Epson directly". I was floored. WTF? If I wanted a refurb, I could have used Epson's service and gotten one back within 48 hrs.

So I dealt with Epson and since the vice president knew me by name from the TW100 experience, they refunded me for the projector. However, I was still out the $500 for the extended warranty.

So back I go to Trutone and deal with the manager. He tells me he'll do what he can. I have no choice but to wait a few weeks. Finally, I am told that I will only be refunded $350 out of the $150 I paid. The rest was administrative fees charged by the 3rd party warranty company. This is for a 4 year extended warranty that wasn't going to kick in for another 18 months or so. Looking back, I should have gone to small claims court.

Basically, my beef is that I wanted dealer support when talking with Epson and the warranty company. I paid extra to get this. I could have purchased the projector from an on-line dealer for a few hundred less. Trutone did not back me up. When the owner of the store tells you to deal with the manufacturer directly for an in-warranty item, why would you ever purchase from that store again?

Compare this to my experience with the manager at Canadian Sound. He bent over backwards to help me with a receiver that was almost two years out of warranty. He had great contacts at Pioneer and used them to get a resolution everyone was happy with. Imagine that, a dealer using his contacts with a manufacturer to help a customer. Trutone could learn a lesson.

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