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vdsl will never get pvr or hd, it was killed off when iptv was set to launch however theres been setbacks and now bell has been forced to move to mdu to keep with the hd/pvr demand in many buildings... marina del rey for instance as has been mentioned already

if you're in a condo that doesnt allow dishes the only way you can get hd/pvr it is to see if your building is wired for MDU... i wish i had access to a list of which buildings they are but i only know a couple but also that theres dozens more

currently bell is installing more MDU into buildings... a post earlier had said they were but thats not true

and the post above mine stating that if you switch from vdsl to normal dsl is completely true... technicians wont go into closets or your home to disconnect any filters, only to the basement to remove the vdsl equipment off the line... so make sure when they disconnect that you request 100% that a technician comes to see you(and that you're home <- very important) otherwise you'll be in the same boat

also if you're a vdsl customer or you want to know if your building is wired for MDU make sure you're calling the right number... 1-866-635-8375. the biggest mistake most people make is calling 310-surf or 310-bell... india doesnt know what vdsl is
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