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Originally Posted by Kro View Post
DenisT: For the pre-Amp overload until you get a notch filter you should attenuate the Signal you can try to add one or two splitter before the pre-Amp.
Thanks, i'll try to pick up a few splitters today and change my connections in different ways tomorrow. Especially like you wrote adding a splitter before the preamp.

There is another thing, my antenna is aimed toward a Major Transmission tower for Bell and many other equipment on it. The tower is maybe 300 feet from me, so my own antenna is way way under there equipments and my path is maybe 100 feet in front of it. During the rain i lost a few channels and my analog was a little better, (that interference was not present). Maybe i touched something :-)

Hummm this morning my analog 22 is better then ever ( no Bar ) and all my atsc work, Go figure
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