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To Bad i did not see the UHF channel when it scanned.
Well that's still pretty good for distance getting such a signal.
So you got a picture and everything, Wow, so another location for ABC is possible
Last summer from may to september I was getting some signal 24/24 and occasionnaly I was getting a lock. By the way WTEN is on UHF 26 and 36 but the one that we can lock on the most often is 26.

Still bugging me is the interference in my analog UHF ( it being worst on 22 )
There is this some sort of a Static Bar in the middle of the screen, on 22 it's light ( like snow ) others are darker to very dark bar accross the screen ( one bar ) i'll find it eventualy :-)
This is your pre-amp that is overloading. If you want to clear up thing you will need a notch filter (For UHF 17 and UHF 35) infront of your pre-amp. See the knowledge base for where you can get one.
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