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10.1 10.2 is ABC WTEN Albany. I'm sometime able to lock it.
To Bad i did not see the UHF channel when it scanned.
Well that's still pretty good for distance getting such a signal.
So you got a picture and everything, Wow, so another location for ABC is possible
If you can remove the low VHF (Have a high VHF antenna) part that will help you with overload.
I did do the switch to seperate the VHS and UHF in the CM7777
I went back to combine because the channel i want to record tonight was getting worst,, it's analog, and i have not had the time to move those recordings to HDTV yet, it will happen
Still bugging me is the interference in my analog UHF ( it being worst on 22 )
There is this some sort of a Static Bar in the middle of the screen, on 22 it's light ( like snow ) others are darker to very dark bar accross the screen ( one bar ) i'll find it eventualy :-)

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