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Hello to everyone, from Roxboro near the train station.
I decided to try OTA over the weekend, so i looked up alot of threads all over the place, reading as much as i could.

Already have a deep fringe combination antenna in the attic, (actually half of it, i removed 8 or so feet, it was to strong for local VHS) so here are my results for this location:

Before in analog with 12 way splits pointing 140° about SSE:

2,6,10,12,17,35,46,62 very good
22,29,33,57 with different levels of snow, all watchable

After analog with 8 way splits: (got to go out and get different splitters)
2,6,12,17,46 very good
10,22,29,33,35,62 have different level of problems, but most still watchable
Actually my 22 is worst than before, it is as strong but, there is this signal interfering

Added a Digital Stream HD3150 Plus ATSC tuner and CM7777 Pre Amp:
2.1, 3.1, 3.2, 5.1, 5.2, 33.1, 33.2, 33.3, 33.4, 35.1, 44.1, 44.2, 57.1, 57.2, 57.3
6.1(Not reliable so far))
22.1 ABC ( No Connections yet)

I had to remove my 4 way distribution amp,
I had to split 2 way right after the Pre amp CM7777, one to the HD3150+, and the other to different splits for the rest of the analog stuff.

The antenna is aimed south with a compass, alot of other positions with different results ( decided to have an overall 70% signal level ).

With a little bit of time on my hands, i tried to find ABC, re-installed the other half of the VHS antenna ( its 18' long, hard to move around ) and managed to point at all positions i suspected to be good, to no avail

So i just put everything back to it's best performance so far with the above results.

Ohh and with my + hundred scans, at one point there was a 10.1 and 10.2 that came in, just a signal ( no picture ) that was going up and down the same with the SNR. I guess they started to work on it somewhere.

Overall i'm very happy with the results.
Probably would have bought the Panasonic DVDR HDMI DIVX with a dual tuner that scans both analog and digital at the same time.
But hey, i'm still happy and will probably buy it anyway.
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