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post #91 of 274 (permalink) Old 2006-12-19, 11:53 PM
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Max HD and other things

Hi Digisurfer
Yeah I have had Sasktel High speed since '95 it has always worked awsome for me.
I have been on the high speed "plus' for about 2 yrs now.. I alwas hear Marge Simpson in the back of my head when I say I have High speed Plus,,"just how fast do you need to download Porn" mmmmgggggg,,, as she said to Homer..... Anyway I digress.
The High speed has always been the saving grace in this whole Fiasco , I have had.

As for the Boxes,,, I have two of the Newer, "Pace" boxes, silver in colour, and the Motorola VIP1200. (if you do a google search, you should be able to see the PDF file on it).

My Issue is with all the boxes, on the standard channels, the picure will appear to have rectangular boxes, around a moving image, as if the picture is tearing or not enough memory has been bufferd before the processor draws the picture to the television screen, all the boxes do this, whenever there is alot of movement,, ie,, water,, or a basketball game. To the point where it is painfull to watch.. This is not Pixalization, the blocks are too big for that, these are approximatley 1/8" tall and bout 1/4" long,, it's very annoying.

The HD portion does look GREAT but only for about 20 or 40 minutes before the Motorola box locks up, (sound or picture will go then nothing,, or a frozen image), and up you go to reboot the box. I often wonder version of Windows that box is running

So I have decided to go back to Bell ExpressView,, made me a smoking good deal too.,, Of cousre they all fall over themselves to get your money back

Having made this decission I was still polite to the people with Sasktel, not thier fault, and they told me they would still welcome me back if and when all the technical issuses were resolved. To boot they waived my $99.00 dollar disconect fee 'cause of all the problems I was having.

I am still keeping my High speed thou.
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Max HD

I've been a Max HD customer for the past month and a bit and overall I'm happy with the service despite some of the problems with picture freezing (which are few and far in between for me). I can't imagine going back to standard def now. Plus at $59/month until Jan 31, I'm saving money on what I used to pay.
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After reading all of the feedback on this site about Max HD, I almost decided not to have SaskTel come and install it. But I'm glad I made the decision to go ahead with the install instead. Right off, let me say it's not perfect, but when I read the posts about Access HD or Bell HD, they don't seem to be perfect either, so perfection doesn't seem to be a reasonable measuring stick.

I am only a week into my Max HD experience, but SaskTel gets a passing grade from me so far. The reason I signed up in the first place was to get the 1080i, mpeg4 quality picture and I am very, very impressed with the quality of the pictures. Watching the Colts play the Bengals on Monday Night Football on my HDTV was fantastic.

Like I said, it hasn't been perfect and I've had some minor issues. I wasn't impressed at first that SaskTel was steering me in the direction of using component cables rather than HDMI, but I used an HDMI cable anyway, and it’s working brilliantly. I have had some freezing issues, but none lasting longer than 3-5 seconds before it just fixes itself. I've rebooted the Motorola box twice, once because it just froze and secondly to refresh the time which had gotten out of sync and was messing up the guide. Some of the issues almost seem to be channel issues. Watching football on Sunday, the Fox Seattle feed and Fox Boston feed were both showing the Eagles game. The Seattle station seemed to choke a few times, but when I watched Boston, it was perfect.

I've had to speak with SaskTel, to get my XBOX360 onto the internet through the new router they installed (which by the way works well now) and it sounds like they're working on ironing out the final bugs. Bottom line is they're two months into this thing and in my opinion the overall offering is very good, with a great channel line up for a very good price. Don't let the talk of the some problems stop you from signing up for a positive product.
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post #94 of 274 (permalink) Old 2006-12-20, 05:19 PM
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Hello everyone,

Even though I don't have the HD Max, yet I felt your pain of contant reboot of the STB. About one year ago, I installed the Sasktel Max, the STB started rebooting before the installer left the house. The sasktel guy told me to call the office if the box kept on rebooting which it did every hour or so. I did call sasktel and they said the would monitored the problem at their central office. Couple of days later, the STB still rebooted regularlly, I called saskel again and they said they detected some problems at their end, a sevice person would came and fixed it. Nobody showed up in almost a week so I
called again, becaused of the Holiday Season, Sasktel finally replaced the STB early the next year. And that was almost three weeks of contant reboot.

I would very much like to have HD Max, but I would rather wait until Sasket sort out their problem with HD Max.
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post #95 of 274 (permalink) Old 2006-12-24, 07:59 AM
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its common sense, or at least to me.

you are trying to run CABLE tv via telephone line.

last i checked, i've never heard or seen any TV in the history of the world built with a phone jack in the back of it, cable ready via tv line.

there is something called bandwidth that teleco companies cant fix.

it doesnt matter how much fiber the feed the system, the bottom line is at the end of the pipe, it still comes in contact with a phone line and that just kills all your speed and quality.

its tried, tested and true... if you have sasktel, you will experience the problems every day with the TV service
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Actually, it works different then cable and digital cable.

They run fiber lines to the neighbourhood or node.

Then thats when they come in contact with the telephone lines.

Then the phone lines in your house plug into the STB which runs cable to your TV's.

Now cable/digital cable and satellite, send all the channels down at once. With IPTV or telco TV you get 1 channel at a time from your node. The current channel on your TV is the only channel you are receiving.

Now there is a limit of how many different channel sources there can be in the node or neighbourhood.

So you might get a problem where everyone on the node, getting the TV service has there 3 TV's set to 3 different channels, then some people may not be able to tune in because the rest of the neighbourhood/node has maxed it out.

If it works effectively IPTV can be a stable system.

Please correct me if I am wrong people, but that is my understanding on how it works.
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post #97 of 274 (permalink) Old 2006-12-25, 12:55 AM
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yeah thats pretty much how it works...

the fiber actually runs to a dslam, not a node.

the dslam is where the channel gets changed.

from the dslam to the house you got telephone cables....

you can have your network 99% fiber, but as soon as you touch a telephone line you've just axed your bandwidth.

not to mention, the further away from the dslam you are.. the slower and worse the service gets.

hence why sasktel is plagued with a 3-5 second channel delay, depending on the distance from the dslam.
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post #98 of 274 (permalink) Old 2006-12-25, 01:04 AM
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So people who live rate beside the dslam get way better service then people further down?

Yeah I understand where you are coming from.

All the effort in the fibre to be slaughtered by copper telephone lines.
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Originally Posted by Boss View Post
sasktel is plagued with a 3-5 second channel delay, depending on the distance from the dslam.
The delay isn't that bad. I'm in an older area of Regina that hasn't been upgraded to fibre yet. I'm also at the edge of our dslam's range and I'm using the older, much slower, grey Pace box. Basically the worst-case scenario. When I change channels it takes 2.1 seconds for the sound to kick in and 2.8 seconds for the picture (average of five tests). The newer silver boxes acquire the signal noticeably faster.

I haven't seen Max HD, so I can't speak to that.

It feels on par with, if not a little faster than, Access Communications' digital service (with their best STB) and is far faster than satellite.

My only speed gripe with SaskTel is the interminably slow rendering of web pages (the Max home page, channel search, VOD menu, etc.).

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Still Having Problems

I just talked to a SaskTel Tech Rep about the same old problems: 5.1 surround problems, frequent pausing, terrible guide etc. He said there will not be a new box put out because of the problems. If there is a new box, it will be a PVR, to be put out in the spring some time. He said there are frequent software upgrades being put down the line to solve the problems, and they are working with the suppliers (Motorola and Alcatel, I guess) to solve all the issues. I told him that I felt like we are being treated like Guinea Pigs, and that we are paying for a service that is not being delivered. He said they are extending the promotional price by 2 months.

On a related note, spent New Year's Eve at some friends' that had Shaw. The PVR function worked great, the guide was fast, and the TV was god, no pauses.
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The TV was God? lol

I wonder why they didn't fix these issues before launching.

Its better delaying a launch and having a good product, then pushing a launch early and having a bad product.
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There's a $100 cancellation fee,so once they get you they've got you.
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Living in Toronto, I suppose it's not my place (although I am a Weyburn native ....) but I think the problems SaskTel is having rolling out HD are teething pains. They are attempting something right on the bleeding edge --delivering high end IPTV over a hybrid of fibre and copper wires. The service is barely two months old and there is NO other provider in the US and Canada running such an ambitious service successfully. Now, if they can't get a reasonable HD service going by, say, end of summer, I think it's time to cut the slack. But for now: subscribe eyes wide open and enjoy the thrill of being a frontier-maker. That's a very Saskatchewanian thing, isn't it?
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It seems strange to me that there isn't the same talk of problems with STB's constantly rebooting on the MTS IPTV thread despite launching HDTV four months before Sasktel did. MTS doesn't offer as many HDTV channels (less bandwidth being used between central office and DSLAM's)

Bill McMinn
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i bet everything i own that max hd wont get it fixed before the end of 2007. how can they, they still havnt fixed the problems with original max service yet and its been years.

if the quality of there service was so great, why isnt it in a single retail/public location in the province. i have not even seen it in any sasktel stores, im sure there maybe some now.

the reason mts isnt having this problem is because they are running on a VDSL platform which can handle 54mbit/sec.

sasktel on the other hand is still running ADSL, which peaks at 7mbit/sec.

while shaw on the other hand, has the capacity to run 300mbit/sec.

again i say, there is a reason TV sets are not built with an ethernet or telephone jack in the back. its simply not "cable" tv...

i have a whealth of knowledge at my disposal as i know people at all ends in the communication business in canada.

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