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post #91 of 121 (permalink) Old 2013-08-27, 02:37 AM
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Hi, What's the brand and model of the managed switch and router that you are using? I haven't had anything to do with dd-wrt type routers, will have to read up on these. I don't have Max TV with my service, only internet. Would definately like to punt the Actiontec as I am having other networking issues with it.

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for the managed switch, i use a TP-LINK SG3216. it has a lot features similar to Cisco and only cost less than $200CAD. This is the setup i have right now and it works perfectly.

for the DD-WRT router, that is just an idea. I haven't tried that. But I remembered there are some vlan settings. So, it might work, but don't hold your breath on that. for selection of supported routers, you could check their website. I used an ASUS 520GU before with dd-wrt. But the performance is not good and I retired that router 2 years ago.

Anyway, if you could have enough cash for a managed switch, i would recommend go for it. personally, I haven't seen any reliability or performance issue with it.
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also, the only reason I suggest a dd-wrt compatible router is to make it work as a managed switch (vlan tagging) without spending a lot money. if you are looking for something with high performance & high reliability, this won't fit.

What I have at home is:
1. on the SG3216, i have 4 ports assigned to vlan 1000.
2. port 1 tagged, and connected to ONT, so it could communicate with sasktel.
3. port 2,3,4, untagged, i have my servers connected on those ports.
4. one of those servers is running pfsense, a software based router/firewall. this is a far better solution than any home router I seen on the market.
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post #94 of 121 (permalink) Old 2013-08-27, 11:01 PM
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Thanks for the info, it's getting a bit clearer how to setup our own equipment on Infinet service. Looks like the key is the Vlan 1000 tagged port towards the ONT. Now what if Sasktel uses something other than Vlan 1000 in other areas of the city, could complicate things, hopefully not.

I have a Netgear FS526t managed smart switch that I will have to dust off for this project. It has 26 ports (24-10/100 and 2-1000 ports). It supports port based Vlans and IEEE 802.1Q Vlans along with tagging of course. In your switch did you have to use IEEE 802.1Q by any chance?

So if I understand correctly I should set up as follows:
1. Assign port 25 to Vlan 1000, tag it, connect to Sasktel ONT
2. Assign port 26 to Vlan 1000, untagged and connect anything I want, a non dd-wrt router should work or a single pc to test or a PC based firewall, etc, right?

A question, how long did it take to draw an IP from Sasktel when you set up?

Also did you have to spoof you original Actiontec MAC address by any chance anywhere. The guys at Bell Aliant are doing so with their Asus RT-N56 routers.

I will try this sometime next week when my wife goes back to work. Hate to take down existing WI-FI service and kill her iPad surfing.

Thanks again, hopefully other members are benefiting from this discussion.
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post #95 of 121 (permalink) Old 2013-08-28, 01:52 AM
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yes, your steps sound right to me and no 802.1q required. sasktel have dhcp server running on that vlan and you dont have to clone the mac address. once you finished the settings on the managed switch, the device should get an public ip address instantly. sasktel originally advertised infinet ultra and up will include 4 public ip address, one sasktel field tech told me possibly 6 ips. anyway, I started consolidating all my servers/services onto 4 public facing servers in preparation for this a few months ago. so when i switched over to infinet, all 4 of my public facing servers could claim public ip addresses. i also connected a different router to test the approach before connecting my servers. so, in total, i claimed 5 public ip addresses and have not run into limitation yet.
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post #96 of 121 (permalink) Old 2013-08-29, 09:30 PM
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YESSSSSS, it works.

At the risk of repeating myself I thought I would post my steps again, in case someone else is less familiar with the process.

1. In my managed Netgear FS526t switch I setup a Vlan 1000 group on ports 21 to 26. To do port tagging I had to enable 802.1q protocal. Ports 25 and 26 were tagged while 21 to 24 were untagged. I also set the Pvid to 1000 for all six ports.

2. To test my existing network, I connected port 26 to Sasktel fiber ONT, port 25 was connected to the WAN port of the existing Actiontec router. I have a 24 port unmanaged GiGe switch on the LAN side. The Actiontec pulled the same public IP as it had before and everything worked exactly as expected.

3. I setup a test PC on a cheap Dlink Dir-601 wireless and connected it to port 24 on the Netgear managed switch. The Dlink router pulled a new public IP faster than you can say "Wham Bam ThankYou Mam" and gave me Internet access on my test PC. I will do more testing and once I am satisfied all is stable my entire network will be cutover to a Linsys E4200 wireless router. I will probably leave the Actiontec on port 25, just in case Sasktel nags me about something. That still leaves me with ports 21-23 for other services, just in case.

4. A big thank you to all who contributed to this solution, I know of at least a couple of people who were reluctant to take infiNet because of the Actiontec router.
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It looks like this is the best thread on the net to talk about how to reaplce the very poor ActionTech router. It seems like some of you have had some success, but I think what I am looking for is slightly different. Maybe not, I will try to explain.

I am not looking to isolate the ActionTech router to a different network in the house through the vlan, but replace it as it sits in my network and not have to alter the rest of my network.

In my house the builder ran a single network cable to each room, so I have had to place a switch at each TV location for the Max box and whatever other devices I have at the TV. (streamers, blue rays, ect). See the image below for the "as-is" for my home network. From my PC's and wireless devices I need to be able to access the entire network and Windows Home Server. It wouldn't be possible to isolate just the Max boxes without also isolating all the devices at each TV as well. (I think)

I'd like to swap out the ActionTech and put another router in its place, but it looks like I would need a managed switch with the vlan setup for the ONT to hook into an then put the new router (thinking ASUS RT-AC68U) behind the managed switch, and then the rest of my network could stay the same.

I'm looking for thoughts opinions and suggestions on the best way to do this. While I am a very technical guy, I am not a network admin so when you get into VLANs and how they work, its a little new to me.

My existing Network:
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post #98 of 121 (permalink) Old 2014-02-10, 12:39 AM
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SasktelUser, i assume the reason you want to replace the actiontec router is because it's poor performance. if you have an old PC with 2 wired NIC and 1 wireless, you could install pfSense, use it to replace the actiontec router and nothing else in your network need to be changed. pfSense should be a better solution than any "home routers" on the market. The reason why I need to replace my actiontec is different, but as one of the goals, I use pfSense (virtualized on one of my home servers) as a router (tagging/untagging for vlan is still done by a managed switch) and I can not be happier with its performance and flexibility.
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any idea when Sasktel decides what areas get infinet?

Living in a 80's are neighborhood I don't have the conduit and sasktel will need to trench a line in when the time comes.
I am hopping infinet comes to my area next year and will be signing up as soon as I can.

Anyone know when sasktel usually decides what area gets infinet for that year? 2015 year
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post #100 of 121 (permalink) Old 2014-09-01, 07:19 PM
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I imagine the best you can do is ask Sasktel.
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VLan settings for iptv

Hey Guys,

Does anyone know the vlan settings and steps are to get sasktel max working off a personal router as well? Right now i am running an unmanaged switch from the from ONT that I then split into the actiontec and the asus ac87u. I am running all my internet off the asus router with the vlan 1000 configuration fine but i could not get the sasktel max boxes to connect through that so i have them plugged into the actiontec box still. I would like to completely elminate the actiontec box and the extra switch if possible to simplify my setup. Thoughts?
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post #102 of 121 (permalink) Old 2014-10-23, 01:01 AM
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I only have Sasktel Internet working on Vlan 1000, do not have Sasktel Max, however check post #80 in this thread. It states that both internet and max are on vlan 1000 with max using something called IGMP. Let us know if you get it working.
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post #103 of 121 (permalink) Old 2015-01-13, 08:18 PM
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Just wondering if upgrading to Fibre optics for max will sharpen the HD picture quality ?
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post #104 of 121 (permalink) Old 2015-01-14, 08:01 PM
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no, the head end equipment is the same

you're getting the same HD picture that everyone from every TV service gets
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post #105 of 121 (permalink) Old 2015-01-19, 12:49 AM
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Delay in fiber installation - Why?

I'm in an area of Regina that Sasktel is listing as being 100% complete for fiber installation. Unfortunately, I still do not have fiber but have spoken with a couple of neighbors who had it brought into their homes about 6 months ago.

I've also called SaskTel to ask why fiber is still not installed despite having had our lawn flagged for trenching as well as notification from SaskTel that the install would be taking place within the month (this was at least 2 years ago). The SaskTel rep said that they had no control over the install schedule and wouldn't be able to give me an install date.

Does anyone know what situation would lead to fiber being installed to the majority of the homes in the neighborhood with some homes being excluded. The SaskTel rep indicated that this situation is possible, but couldn't explain what causes some homes to be excluded. Seems odd that they wouldn't document reasons for delay in situations like this.

My biggest problem right now is that I'm limited to 4 set top boxes, which is about 2 too few. Of course, faster downloads would be sweet as well.

Any advise on how to expedite the install would also be helpful.

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