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To follow on from jvincent...

Originally Posted by jvincent
The processing in the GPU for HD-DVD and BluRay is not really post-processing.
Well, actually, it is. Shortcomings in the hardware/drivers show up as artifacts, noise, tearing and lack of sharpness. All of these things count as post processing and due to the fact that there is no guarantee that the disc contains the best video rendering (As a lot of BluRay discs were found to be), it is best to have as much horsepower AND as many tricks up the sleve as possible.

As a further backup statement, just look at the fact that the NVidia cards were failing post processing and deinterlacing tests in the Toms review (And in many other reviews.)

Originally Posted by testikoff
...for a 1080p source displayed at its native rez?
Resolution is only the first step. You can record crap in 1080p and it will just be higher resolution crap. The more tricks in your bag allows for as much opportunity to make up for possible shoirtcomings.

Originally Posted by TopChancer
So will the all the newest Nvidia cards incorporate this technology?
The 8500/8600 series and the 8800GT SPECIFICALLY are the NVidia cards that support all of the PV HD features and decoding accelleration.

As a note, all of the ATI HD 2xxx cards support the AVIVO features and accelleration. The trick on the ATI side is that the most you need for HDM content (Or any HD content for that matter) is the HD 2600 XT. The 2900 is overkill and does not actually get any appreciable increase over the 2600.

The really interesting wildcard is the new ATI 3000 series cards. The first two 3000 series cards do really well for HD content from TV or Disc.


My suggestion is that if you are looking at maintaining a gaming PC, that you move the 7900 over there and just get a Radeon HD 2600 XT. They are the current reigning champion of decoding accelleration and post processing and they are quite inexpensive to boot.
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