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Why do you need roaming? Get a pre-paid SIM card and activate it in the US. If you are traveling on business then your comapny should give you a phone. If you're traveling on vacation do you really want people to reach you? If you do, call the people once you've activated the pre-paid SIM card and let them know this is the number to reach you. The pre-paid SIM will save you a bundle in roaming charges.

I also find it very hard to believe the $10/month all in. If Rogers is not charging you a SAF they are being extremely generous. But even if the $10 is true (and if it is available -- a big if) then 20 cent/minute with 7-Eleven or PetroCan can still be cheaper.

40 minutes at 20 cents is $8. I beleive e911 is 75 cents, for a total of $8.75. I don't know if they charge GST/PST but if they do add 13% on top of the $8 and you get $9.79.

And I read on another thread that PetroCan did a survey about online top-ups, so you know they are at least thinking about it. Even if they don't, the $100 card lasts 365 days, and the other ones are all 180 days. Surely you can go out of your way a bit to fill up (gas+minutes) once every six months.
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