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Chemie2, I also urge you to look at Mythbuntu 7.10. Scheduledirect is $20/yr and installs effortlessly as you configure MythTV. The improvements in each verson of Myth on Ubuntu are exponential. As fmr says, you get constant updates and great support on the Mythbuntu forums.

Drivers used to be an issue for wireless networking and some TV tuners but the latest verson, 7.10 has resolved many driver problems. My daughter managed to get the previous version up and running beautifully last summer on an ancient PC by herself. Windows requires more horsepower than Linux to produce barely equal results. Aesthetically, though subjective, I find the latest Mythbuntu skins as pleasing as the MCE one. Moreover, you'll avoid the Microsolft DRM issues. Streaming is very flexible too. You can put the install CD into an older notebook, for instance, and run it as a frontend just from the CD.

I would check out the recommended TV tuners, though. An ubiquitous Hauppauge pvr150 is a painless install but the HVR 1600 isn't yet supported.
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