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Ok, so I found a list of fixes for the D64 series on another forum:

Issues addressed with latest firmware (U0709111) from Sharp USA for the LC-XXD64U series of LCD Televisions.

1) Fixed issue where some analog channels are lost when channel search is performed.
2) Fixed issue where SAP might not be detected when the audio reception from the tuner fails.
3) Fixed issue where the component signal might not be detected when a DVD playback signal is present.
4) Optimized the picture parameter to improve picture noise.
5) Corrected the LVDS timing so that the Fine Motion function corresponds to 50 Hz.(For LC-65D64U)

Symptoms which are also corrected:

• While viewing Analog TV, the Analog TV picture will become muted if the HDMI cable is unplugged and plugged it in again.
• While viewing DTV, picture flickering may appear if the picture position is shifted.
• During the fine sync adjustment on PC input, a vertical line may appear at the right side of the screen.
• When a RF signal without a colorburst is input, the color system is not detected correctly.
• When the system software update has finished, the “System software was successfully updated. Remove the USB memory device.” message will be displayed. At that time, if any channel change or AC power off/on is performed, the OK button will be displayed without highlighted.
• When the signal input was set to INPUT6 (HDMI) and Analog sound input is selected in user menu, if the signal input is changed from other another HDMI input to INPUT6, the HDMI digital sound comes out.
• When a DTV channel without EIT (channel information) is selected, a narrow character appears on CC (Closed Caption) for a moment.
• When the 3D-Y/C setting was set to either of Low and High, if the channel is changed during the viewing of Analog TV broadcasting, the 3D-Y/C setting will be returned to Standard.
• Color detection (NTC/PAL-M) takes a time. Or no color appears on PAL-M.
• Screen may flash in green if no Analog TV signal is input for a while.
• When the picture freeze is performed during the viewing of DTV, if the sound mode is changed by the audio button, the picture will be muted after the picture freeze is disabled.
• When a VCR picture is input, the picture may flash.
• While in the brightness adjustment, the picture may flash.
• With a HDMI equipment, which is compatible with CEC, is connected to the set, if the power off/on is done, one of operation keys for AquosLink becomes disabled.
• Picture may become dark for a moment at the time of the first scene when the picture scene is changed.
• The surround setting becomes enabled by pressing the surround button even when the AQUOS AUDIO SP is set.
• Picture color becomes faint on an Analog TV channels below a certain chroma level.

Read the instructions carefully and decide for yourself if this is something you need or want to do.

I make no claims or accept any responsibility if you mess up or kill your TV.

Once you do a "firmware update" there is no going back if you don't like something. It's not a magical fix and won't do anything for "banding" or "stuck or dead pixels".

If it isn't broke, don't rush to fix it. Evaluate your set and see if you would benefit from the update.
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