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Originally Posted by que3jxp View Post
  • Sage supports way more tuner devices (Except CableCARD )
  • Far more customizable
  • Supports client/server setup
  • Better media extender hardware available
  • Natively allows for more than 2 tuners
  • Gets updated way more often
  • Has more and actually usable internet integration in the interface (Direct access to Youtube and High def content)
  • Can use a broad variety of remote controls, including MCE remotes
Thanks for the info. Most of these are less applicable once you already have an MCE system up and running (i.e. tuner card, remote, etc.) but Sage definitely has some advantages. I

f this rumoured "analog hole" HD tuner card comes out and is only supported by Sage then I will switch in a second. Right now I don't mind the V1 MCE extenders since they are cheap (<$100 on eBay) and the fact that they don't support HD is not a big deal since there is so little decent HD that I am able to PVR (only OTA).
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