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Originally Posted by BHoward View Post
Because of comments from users/admin at Slysoft, users on AVSForums and my own personally experience. (Mod's Please forgive me for this link but I believe it is a very important issue for HTPC'er)
Again, sorry, but you seem to be ignoring the content of my messages.

I am using .3516 to watch both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray movies without issue. The movies are as per the first post in this discussion.

My install is the full version.

Originally Posted by BHoward View Post
Version 7.3.3516 will not allow the playing of ISO's at all.
That is just not how it works at home, on either PC. I have the OEM version of PowerDVD Ultra on one PC, and the purchased version on another PC. One PC has a Visiontek HD2600 Pro AGP card, and the other has a Visiontek HD2600 XP AGP card. One has a Samsung 17" LCD monitor attached via DVI, and the other has a Samsung LN-T4061F TV attached via DVI to HDMI cable.

Originally Posted by BHoward View Post
Have fun with the latest build of PDVDU. Sooner or later we will have to upgrade to the lastest version for Profile 1.1 or 2.0 or a key change.
I have the latest installed.

Seems like you are keeping this going around in a circle. You say it does not work. I tell you that it works fine for me. You then repeat that it does not work. Somehow, you seem to be ignoring the facts of my setup, in preference for what you are hearing from others.

That is a dead end argument. There seems to be no point in discussing this further with you. I can't speak for any of the others you quote, but .3516 works fine for me.

I will just go home and continue to watch movies: Harry Potter 1, 2, and 3 were nice in HD-DVD, and PoTC3 was very good. RE:Extinction is awesome in hidef, although it is choppy and hangs - but it is the only movie I have an issue with. War was an OK movie, but played fine.

I also tried using PowerDVD Ultra with standard DVDs, but find my Intervideo (Corel) applications to be more compatible with my ATI Remote Wonder - at least with Intervideo HT2, fast forword gives fast forward, not channel skip.

Since you are unwilling to assist with the issue I started this discussion about, let's just drop it.
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