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Originally Posted by TheIceMaster
From testing last fall, the main issue I had with SageTV was the way it would handle the pre/post padding.
When you say last fall, do you mean 2006? I ask because there was a MAJOR improvement from SageTV 5 to 6. It is the ONLY reason that I reconsidered it and gave it a try.

Previous to v6, XP MCE and BTV were better solutions.

SageTV v6 with the MCE skin pack sets SageTV so far ahead of everyone else that it is not funny. The HD extender is just the icing on the cake.

Originally Posted by TheIceMaster
If it would always remove the padding regardless of favourites/manuals and same/different channels,
If you have not looked at v6, it may have been fixed. I do recall seeing settings in there for this but I don't understand their benefit so I leave it at the default.
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