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From testing last fall, the main issue I had with SageTV was the way it would handle the pre/post padding.

It would only removes padding on consecutive favourite recordings on the same channel (ex: ch4 from 7-8 and 8 to 9, removes the padding). Different channel? Conflict. 1 favourite then 1 manual? Conflict. 2 manuals? Conflict. Different channels? Conflict. «Favourites» are how the named regular shows (weekly/daily).

Since I didnt want to invest in extra tuners just to circumvent this and my #1 goal is reliable recordings, I went with BeyondTV with MediaPortal as my frontend to play everything. I can launch BTV from within MediaPortal using the "My Programs" pluggin so its a decent solution.

I do agree though. SageTV community is very active and so are its developers. Its light and day compared to BeyondTV (kinda slow/dead).
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