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Originally Posted by BHoward View Post
Your ISO movies will not play with the Lastest and Greatest version.

I will test mine for CPU usage
Sorry, but how did you come to the conclusion that one can not watch iso files?

I have been watching HD-DVD and BD movies from ISO using PowerDVD Ultra, latest version as downloaded yesterday morning. No restrictions, no issues, except for the one movie I asked about at the start of this discussion. The only reason I purchased the full version, instead of continuing to use the OEM version that came with the LG drive, was to make Extinction play better, and that did not help.

CPU usage is not an issue on my system - it is high, but never maxed out. Temp does rise, but is never critical.

RAM is not an issue - very seldom does the system commit reach 1Gb, and there are 2Gb installed.

Throughput is not an issue - 7200rpm SATA local, and similar drive on another computer through a gigabit netword. Tried with iso file of Extinction on both, and both skip in exactly the same places, and hang in exactly the same places.

If any of these were issues, other movies would behave the same way. That does not happen. Watched two movies last night, back to back, continuous run, and no issues at all.

Since nobody has responded directly to my original quote, I have to assume that nobody else who has watched this moving from an HTPC has encountered similar issues - it worked OK for you.
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