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Originally Posted by andyk View Post
@Shaw Champ : What is the difference between Anywhere DVR content rights and content rights for programs recorded on the EHD of the gateway PVR. How does being in a cloud make it different?
I'm not sure if I have interpreted your question correctly, however, when a service provider negotiates rights from the rights holder, there are separate negotiations/fees/restrictions for the many means of programme delivery:


That's why some programming may be available only in SD, or not available to stream, or only streams with commercials, etc. Sometimes a programme may air in reruns on a "channel" for years, whereas it may only be available for weeks to stream... I hope that helps.
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I was thinking only about the recording of programs to various destinations. The programs have already been delivered. But I guess the difference is in how you access them "anywhere" via streaming. I've never had a interest in doing that. And I guess I couldn't do that on the gateway PVR. Thanks for the answer.

Andy K.
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Considering moving from Bell Sat to Shaw BlueSky...

Does the BlueSky system still allow for PageUp / Page Down on the remote to be modified to provide a 15 sec skip back and 30 sec skip forward? I read it used to but seen a post that it stopped working recently for someone.

If you pause a live TV show on BlueSky, then resume, does the 30 sec skip forward work?

Any reasons to prefer a Gateway system, it was offered as well if I switch?

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Still works for me, and my parents haven't informed me of any issues either. And yes, it works when pausing live TV as well (basically anywhere you are allowed to skip ahead)
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Do the portals perform just as the main unit, or any reason to put the main unit on the TV most used?
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I honestly don't have a lot of experience with the portals, but from the time I spent at my parents' place I never saw a difference.
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@Digital79 The main unit can pause live TV for an hour the Portal for 25 minutes. The Gateway you can add an external hard drive for more storage space, so there is a physical storage difference.

Shaw Employee, Opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.
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Thanks for the reply ShawChamp, and thanks for the tip on the pause buffer, I may move the main box then.

We have had the Bluesky system installed for a week or so.

Shaw BlueSky Vs Bell Sat ...

+ Small silent portal units, even the main unit is quiet and can be hidden
+ Pick up recordings on any TV
+ Access to a variety of streaming content from networks
+ Access to CraveTV
+ Sports scores on screen
+ Price from Shaw far better for first year
+ No need for dish hanging off deck, no bad weather loss of signal

- MSNBC in SD only
- Only 500GB of PVR storage, not expandable
- BlueSky box has needed to be rebooted a couple times
- Picture quality different, skin tones sometimes off, more compression?

Overall glad to have moved.
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4K Channels in Winnipeg?

Has there been any talk of 4K channels in Winnipeg's near future?
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@dm_4u I moved your thread from the Shaw Gateway forum since it's doubtful that the Gateway hardware will ever have a 4K-capable PVR.

Comcast will probably introduce the 4K hardware in the not-too-distant future - I haven't checked lately. Once the kinks are all worked out, Shaw will probably roll out a 4K system as part of BlueSky and begin offering 4K channels.

They will probably do that to compete with Telus, which already has 4K, but will probably extend it to Winnipeg as well since it's only a matter of time before Bell implements their 4K technology at Bell MTS.
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Moca 2 and Bluesky


I just moved over from Telus to the Bluesky system. Telus provided me with 25mbps Internet which worked fine with my powerline adapters. Now that I have internet 150, I find that the powerline adapters are no longer adequate because they max out at 60mbps. I guess for most purposes 60mbps is adequate for most needs, but me being me, that's not good enough anymore.

Since my house is not wired with cat5e, I only have 3 options: 1. wifi mesh 2. powerline 3. moca (the hitron wifi cannot reach everywhere in the house).

From what I've read, wifi mesh and powerline are pretty much the same in terms of speed. Moca 2.0 however, can go up to 300mbps real world speed. So I'm thinking of getting Moca 2.0 adapters and run them over the same coaxial as the bluesky boxes.

Has anybody done this?
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@ckl I moved your post to this thread. Post 1 says that the BlueSky STBs use MoCA to communicate with each other, so you would have to determine if your MoCA adapters could conflict with the built-in MoCA in the STBs.
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I only have 3 options: 1. wifi mesh 2. powerline 3. moca
1. I see this as the best solution. It can and will be expensive for a good mesh system. Mesh offers seamless roaming and good scalability by adding extra units. Rated speeds are up to or over 1Gbps but real world speeds will be lower. Well placed adapters will provide speeds well over the current 60Mbps. Plan on getting a tri-band system since it will offer the best throughput. Also plan on spending over CDN$500.

2. Don't know what is currently installed but I strongly suspect that it is a bit dated. It may be limited by having a 100Mbps ethernet port. Newer "1200" Mbps powerline adapters can offer real world speeds of 300+ Mbps and soon to be announced "2000" Mbps adapters will likely be faster. The cost for a top rated adapter like the Netgear Powerline 1200 is about $100 so it won't break the bank.

3. Moca is niche for home networking at best. It's mostly used by cable companies. It will need a dedicated CAT6 connection isolated from the cable system. Mocha adapters cannot share a coax with Bluesky boxes.

There are other options.
4. Install some CAT6. Depending on the house, this may not be easy but it can be done. Just enough CAT6 to reach a more central location with a high quality access point may be good enough.

5. Use a pair of simultaneous connection tri-band routers with one configured as an access point and the other as a repeater. (Same make and model for both is best.) This can provide a significant upgrade to the Hitron wifi. Speeds will be similar to mesh for similar rated devices. I've achieved actual speeds of 150Mbps with dual band N routers so a tri-band AC router will be significantly better. This would also cost CDN$500+. It won't provide seamless roaming like a mesh system.

In any event, I would turn off the Hitron wifi and use a wired, high quality router in a better location configured as an access point.
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Is Bluesky 100 percent IPTV??? or are they using QAM for tv delivery with Bluesky.
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