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Resident Evil:Extinction BD and PowerDVD Ultra

Not exactly sure which forum this belongs in, but since it involves playback on an HTPC, I will try this one. MODS: if you move it, please let me know where you move it to!

I am having a major problem playing Resident Evil:Extinction (Blu-Ray) on my HTPC. It is choppy in many parts, and the transition to episode 7 always hangs PowerDVD Ultra (PDU).

If I start at episode 7, it will keep playing, but that was just discovered this morning. Have not watched the rest yet to see if it will play to the end.

My HTPC has:
P4 3.0Ghz
ASUS P5P800 motherboard
2Gb ram
Visiontek HD2600XT AGP video
LG GGC-H20L optical drive (BD and HD compatible)
550W Corsair power supply

Audio output is via S/PDIF to a 5.1 receiver. Video output is via HDMI cable to a Saumsung LN-T4061F TV.

PowerDVD Ultra is the latest and greatest version - just purchased it this morning, since the OEM version that came with the LG drive could not be upgraded to the latest version. That did not solve the problem.

I am ripping the movie using imgburn, and loading the ISO file using Daemon Tools. This works perfectly for all other movies I have so far, includeing PoTC3.

I have tried turning off anything that might cause extra activities in PowerDVD Ultra - no tooltips, no accessing the internet, etc.

Perhaps because Extinction is the first BD 1.1 movie?

Anyone else viewing this movie on a HTPC? If so, is it working OK for you?
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