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Yes you can

mxz600 - the short answer is yes you can however I wouldn't call it effortless. My son streams wireless from our Vista home computer to his PS3 in his bedroom. We originally had an older Linksys 54 something router which was not up to the task. We replaced it with a D-Link 655, even though this router is a little pricey we started getting far better results. I'm convinced that with this type of application the router is the most important piece. Distance is about 25 feet through wood frame construction. If anyone else logs into our wireless network (my wife and I both have laptops) my son will experience freezes and pauses with his video feed however with no one else on the wireless network it works very well. Picture quality depends on the source file but it is usually very good, the PS3 does a good job of upconversion if it needs to. We have both the Windows Media center setup as well as Tversity, both are detected by the PS3 and each have their strong and weak points. We have a second PS3 in our basement HTR but I have that connected by a cable and it works perfectly with the Vista computer, but wireless will work. Good luck.
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