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I don't think it's anyone's intention to profit from this, apart from saving the price of a dvd or two. Often my recordings are movies and shows that are rarely (if ever) available in any other format. If anything, recording from the dvr to pc motivates me to buy more dvds: when I miss recording a time slot, or am not happy with quality.
And this is the eternal frustration. The big companies refuse to see that this is the likely choice of use of this kind of functionality.

They believe that if they allow us (the consumer) to have their content easily managed by PC hardware, that we will run around and SELL the discs and on top of that, they very likely think that the whole freaking world will stop subscribing to TV and just download everything.

They have ultimately made things so difficult for the end user that they don't care to get into it at all and are just not buying the hardware or subscribing to the content.

For me, if I can no longer do the firewire thing in New Brunswick, I am very likely done with TV if there is no other equivalent alternative.

Sorry to rant...
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