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Poggy, re Bond: I was able to record Dr No (to the pc, from DVR hard drive, via Firewire), and convert the transport stream to a DVD with minimal problems. But with subsequent From Russia with Love, the transport stream recording to pc *seemed* to go ok, but repeated attempts to make DVD always resulted in lagged video. All of these were off one (of the two) hd premium movie channels. The Dr No recording, while not bad, exhibitted fairly obvious horizontal lines, looking kind of like old tv, sometimes, during movement.

It seems to me there are 2 issues: the recent locking out and an ongoing decline in image quality.

Maybe we all clamor a bit, but nothing happens? I hope not. It would be nice to get this fixed. I've been a cable subscriber since the 70's, and it's always been a strained relationship between the providers and customers. It would be nice to iron out the copywrite issues that lurk.

I don't think it's anyone's intention to profit from this, apart from saving the price of a dvd or two. Often my recordings are movies and shows that are rarely (if ever) available in any other format. If anything, recording from the dvr to pc motivates me to buy more dvds: when I miss recording a time slot, or am not happy with quality.
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