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Shaw Edmonton Moto 6412 III owner. Last week I was walking by The Source and thought to check out Firewire cables. I've been meaning to try to capture my HD recordings for some time now. A friend in Calgary with Shaw has been doing it for months now. Anyway, great deal for 6' cable so I purchased it.

Over the holidays I tried to set it up. Everything went according to plan but I could not capture any HD content. I thought it was a PC issue but it looks to me it's the Shaw box. I can record all standard def content but no channell 200 and up. Question for 57: Shouldn't this thread be under the Shaw PVR section? We might get more replies...

The 5C settings on the HD channels are 0x02 - which I read means you can rip once but that's it. I'm guesing that when you stream to your PC, that's considered a rip????

Anyway, if someone figures this out, please post so you can help out others. I'm still not convinced this thread is in the right place for the Shaw box folks to see but we'll try...
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