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post #31 of 481 (permalink) Old 2008-11-26, 12:12 PM
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HD Receiver overpriced

Hi everyone. I'm wondering if anyone here can give any insight into the HD receiver market for me. What I'm looking for is a basic HD box that lets me watch HD channels. Nothing fancy (ie: PVR), just something that lets me take advantage of my HD TV's. I have Cogeco and like the package deal (cable/phone/internet) even if their HD offerings in Belleville are....lacking.

Anyways, shopping for a cheap receiver found this (keep in mind, I'm looking for 2 of these things):

(All prices from futureshop.ca):

Videotron HD: $249.99
Rogers HD: $249.99
Shaw HD: $249.99
Bell HD: $299.99
Star Choice HD: $199.99 <----- Cheapest
Cogeco HD: $359.99

Are they kidding me? The offering is $110 more expensive than other cable companies and $159.99 more than the cheapest. Before I get a chorus of "yeah, but what're those other boxes? Are they as good as the Cogeco one?" answers, please note that those answers miss the point. All I want is HD at a reasonable price. Renting for two TVs adds $30 a month to my bill, buying costs $720 + tax. I think Cogeco is really missing the boat here on HD uptake by consumers by not having a viable option for consumers at a reasonable pricepoint.

Sorry to vent, this just annoys the heck out of me and I'm looking for some kind of answer or someone to say the prices eventually will come down....because in my opinion, until they do, HD remains a novelty luxury (cogeco offers 10 channels in Belleville....one is french CBC, not english, the other is PBS).
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Looking at one time pricing from one retailer is not really fair. I'm not sure what sort of deals are possible at Cogeco, however, the Rogers HDSTB was on sale for under $100 this past week - see the deals section of this forum.

When people switch to digital or HD, there are often all kinds of incentives available from the service providers, these can include free HD packages, free rental of the STB for a period of time, etc.

There are also often "retention deals" that you can negotiate if you wish to stay with your provider for other reasons.

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Why not goto Star Choice? Their box is cheaper, they probably have cheaper programming packages and more hd.

Honestly if you think Cogeco has not got a good offering then why stay with them?

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Its not that I think Cogeco is a "bad" offering. I actually find them pretty good to deal with. The package deal of phone/internet/cable is pretty good and nicely priced, and I've had little to no problems with the service. I find their cust. service pretty good too....I called asking about buying a box off ebay, the rep was very helpful and told me he had everything on file should I call back once I actually buy a box.

The problem is in the HD. The selection in Quinte is terrible. Offering the French CBC and not the English one in a very english area makes no sense whatsoever and guarentees I don't get to watch Hockey in HD Sat. night. Not sure why PBS is there either. That leaves 4 other channels exluding the two that cost more to get. Happily, they've discounted the rate to $2.95 a month for the substandard offerings and I can live with that.

The issue is the price point. I currently have free rental of the HD box, but that'll expire in a few months. The cost then runs to $15 for the rental. Charge the other $3 for the service and all of a sudden it's costing $18 + tax for basically 4 channels of HD. That's pretty expensive. To purchase instead of renting costs $720. That cost all of a sudden makes Starchoice and Bell look pretty good, even though I'd much, much rather stick with Cogeco (I like Video on Demand...even if it doesn't have HD movies for purchase). Still, lacking an option, I might very well look into the Satellite options.

I think Cogeco is really missing the boat. Selling HD boxes for cost will increase subscriptions, and a recurring profit stream is always better than one time profits.
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I've been a customer of Cogeco for the last 10 years, the earliest it became available in my area. Like most things, my service experience has been hit or miss over those years. Living in a new construction area, the coax to my home has been accidentally cut and repaired by Cogeco 5 times. The last time, after my internet speed and picture quality got intolerable I insisted they run a new line which they did. (Much to my neighbours anger when they cut open their lawn) Before this, the line had been repaired by installing a male/female connection at the cut and subsequently wrapping tape around it and re-burying it.

November 07 I upgraded to the HD PVR box and feed when I bought a new HD TV. Since then, I've replaced the box twice after the first refused to run for more than 3 or 4 hours and the second after a tech suggested that the audio dropouts and video pixelation I had been experiencing since I got HD was a bad box. Both have improved slightly since then but neither are gone. Technicians have come to test the line, they've been shown recorded programs where the audio dropouts occur and a few have heard them happen while standing in front of the TV. I've tried switching the way I feed the data to the TV going from HDMI to component to Optical, I've removed my reciever from the equation and I've even connected the DVR box to an LCD monitor with computer speakers with no change.

I've been told by people on various forums that it's due to compression and some sort of buffer overflow or interrupted signal because Cogeco's feeds aren't very good. Cogeco has told me that they provide exactly the right amount of signal to bring me the best possible High Definition experience. I'm just not sure that High Definition means missing whole sentences of dialogue or video tearing and pixelating. Maybe it does?
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The prices Cogeco charges for their services (particularly HD) are outrageous. I certainly long for the day we get competition in my area, so that it can drive the prices accordingly.

Mind you I have been a customer of Cogeco for a very long time, and consistently rely on their super high speed internet, which I must say, I have achieved the max rate of 10Mbps on a downlink, and actually surpassed with compression my 1Mpbs uplink speed.
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Actually the HD packages are not expensive.

What do you think is a fair price?
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Any HD channel that is available for free on OTA should be free from a cable provider too.
If they want to charge an 'access' fee for the others then that is the providers business model choice.

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Everything costs money my friend... Even that "free" OTA HD channel takes up valuable bandwidth on the cable plant. One way or another, you'll end up paying for it.
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I got digital cable in the Summer of 2006, upgraded to HD in Janaury 2008, and got a DVR in August. I've been pretty happy with things and, using the assumption that moving the HD listings to a reserved 100 channel block means more channels are in the future (Rogers has CNN, so why not us?) I'm happy with that too. There are things that have been annoying me though:

1. This past summer, most of my HD channels would be very pixelated during the day and other digital channels didn't work either. Out of the three TVs with boxes, the one in the living room worked fine all day (though it usually had bad reception for the "More Movies" package of channels), the one in the basement - the HD set - had limited HD but most of the channels, missing the More Movies set along with other specialty channels like DejaView and Fight Network. TMN et all and MuchMore Music routinely worked fine though. The TV in the computer room received almost no channels, though. My own conclusion was this was somehow temperature related - I don't know how or why, but on days where it was hot, the digital reception was at it's worst. Everything worked late at night when it got cool. Once fall came, I began to get perfect reception again.

2. OnDemand is very spotty. Lately with TMN it's been good - the updates are there, but Cogeco's guide still lists last weeks "New This Week" titles for a day or so as still being new. This is a much better alternative than the "no titles appearing at all" that was happening from time to time. WWE 24/7 has also been very hit or miss for awhile. Cogeco blames WWE, WWE blames cable companies for not understanding the technology, and the viewer is left to wait for someone to figure out what the hell went wrong to the programs can be uploaded to the menu.
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Question Ticked off with Cogeco - info required

I have had it with Cogeco's "simsub" of American feeds with Canadian "content". Pure baloney as far as I am concerned. As a result I am going to cancel my service.

Here is where I need some help. Before I turn in the unit - DCT 6200, I need to know what was in the box as far as contents. I cannot find the list, if there was one. I know damn well that when I turn in the cable box, if I do not have everything exactly in place, hassles will ensue.


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Don't worry about returning everything. I purchased a receiver not long ago to replace one I had free on promotion for a year. I decided I wanted to keep the remote so the wife and I could have duelling remotes. I also kept the component cables, you never know when you'll need a set. When they asked where the rest of the stuff was, I pointed out that the "Dog chewed the remote and I tossed it and I didn't realize I needed the cables and promised to return them. If for whatever reason they try to stick a charge on your last bill, call them and have it removed. The phone service rep. can't deny you returned everything.

PS, depending on where you live, Cogeco should not even be simsubing your feed. go to the CRTC sight and fill out a complaint form if your not in a legal simsub area.

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Yeah, because you're going to get less simbsubbing from other Canadian providers...

Face it, as long as you're using a Canadian based provider, you're going to get bad television service. I should know, I've gone through three now.

You should, however, stick with Cogeco because of the fact that with all three I have dealt with, they have by-far the best customer support.

Other providers don't care. When you're with Bell, the only time you get nice customer service is when you're calling to cancel. Other times, like when you're calling for support, you're lucky if you can pronounce the rep's name and understand 1/20 words the rep says.

And Rogers, don't get me started on Rogers...

Every time I need to deal with Cogeco, the reps are extremely nice, they're well trained, they know what they're doing (unlike the Bell rep I got once who kept asking me for my HD Receiver's Serial Number when I was trying to ORDER one) and they listen to our feedback.
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correct me if I am wrong but cogeco is not simsubing for the fun of it. It is a requirement of CRTC and the broadcasters such as CTV. they tell Cogeco and Rodgers etc to simsub. I am sure that if Cogeco had a choice they would rather leave well enough alone. no matter who you go with you will be simsubed unless of course you plan to go with an antenna. something that seems to have seen a revival. for a many good reasons.

BTW should you leave Cogeco as I did for very different reasons that was not the fault of cogeco you will probably find that they will be nice and wont hastle you to much. In fact they very nice about it. Also they offered me to wave hook up fees should I decide to return.

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Originally Posted by DavidT View Post
You should, however, stick with Cogeco because of the fact that with all three I have dealt with, they have by-far the best customer support.
I prefer a company with a superior product.. Customer service is down on the list, because if I am calling in for customer service, there is obviously an issue with my service....
I prefer watching my tv, not calling in
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